The Influence of the’Space race’ in the Fashion World

The theme “space” became popular in the 1960, motivated by the arrival of man in space in 1961, and on the Moon in 1969. On tv, the theme also became more popular with the serials of the era, such as Star Trek and the animation of the Hanna-BarberaStudios, The Jetsons. This space race, revolutionized not only technological medium, but also the world of fashion.

The Influence of the'Space race' in the Fashion World

The fashion designer Pierre Cardin looked at this as a source of inspiration and renewal. Living your “space age”, wanted to bring the stars down to Earth. A pioneer in using synthetic materials in his compositions, represented the future with the way sweet, with a somewhat bizarre vision of what would be our present. Actually, they’re optimistic ideas of designer, who believed in the “chrome”.

Not just Cardin played around with the fantasy willing to the public at the time, but so many other designers, like Paco Rabanne, which increased new materials in its productions, which “the rejuvenescia woman in years, without any surgical procedure” – he said.

The Influence of the'Space race' in the Fashion World 3

Already in 1968, composed pieces that would look good in both ladies, as in youthful models, example, the Twiggydoll, which was a hit wherever he went. Rabanne gathered dresses with geometrical and architectural forms with the famous-today a reference vintage – white boots.

The space age consisted of metal fabrics, bright colours, very plastic, acrylic, glitter, and of course, the classic vinyl. The patterned mini-dress in Trapeze and cut into “A” was the peak of the season, guaranteeing originality and elegance, promoting women’s safety also to dance a good Rock ‘n’ Roll, at the height of the Beatles ‘ Yeah Yeah Yeah.

The Influence of the'Space race' in the Fashion World 2

However, the changes have not only in the closet, but the hair began to take shape, and it has become indispensable in the visual composition “sessentinha”. Models like the French woman Brigitte Bardot were the source of inspiration of the women of the decade – with their hair always too bulky, not leaving aside the elegance and femininity. The use of tiaras was also very popular among the girls.

The Influence of the'Space race' in the Fashion World 1

Today, our prospects for the future, are on another pole, maybe somewhat pessimistic, but a look at the past allows us to dream again with a future with little taste of past, diving fashion trends that once conquered the walkways, and enchant us today.