The Look Right: the Dual Buttoning Jacket Chris Pine

In this look, actor Chris Pine, current Captain Kirk of the new franquia Star Trek, when choosing a double buttoning jacket. Not as easy as the traditional version of simple buttoning the suit’s head of men all over the world, showing appropriate when the event requires a bit of pomp, but not enough for the use of a tuxedo.

Another important detail was the shirt I fled the flat commonplace, revealing that the striped pattern on occasion can enrich much the look, making even par with the beautiful orange tie to call attention of astro’s face–watch out the complementary colors showing what!

A lot of people worry about combining the Pocket scarf with tie, this case shows very well that this is not necessary since you can create harmony with the rest of the costume.

It’s also good to comment on the fine cut and beard hair hairstyles classic way, tamed by an ointment in order to keep them in place, after all it’s no use to be well-dressed, but look sloppy.

There is no way of knowing what the footwear chosen by actor, however in the case of a custom Navy Blue, the options are a black shoes or Brown, as the model, I would of Oxford with captoe.

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