The New Swarovski Ladies Watch Collection

Swarovski presents the fourth Watch collection with new models at Baselworld 2012, an important trade fair for watches and jewellery. The new lines Lovely Crystals and crystalline complement the flagship models of the lines Octea sport and Octea Chrono, that 2012 also in brand new colors.

In the new collection, Crystal Mesh, the distinctive product of Swarovski, signs of the times with the lines of Elis is mini, Elis Lady and Piazza, and the ELIS Bangle, which come in the autumn of this year on the market. New models: OCTEA CHRONO:

“Octea Chrono”- is back this year with two colors. The chronograph offered originally in violet is now also available as a “Octea Chrono Anthracite”, with its characteristic combination of strap and crystal.

OCTEA SPORT: technology and design presented Swarovski 2011 with the “Octea sport” in faceted ceramics. 2012 it will appear as “Octea sport white rose gold” with shimmering accents in Rosé gold. The new Crystal colours of the models “Octea sport Ocean Blue” and “Octea sport lilac” put the line back in the scene.

CRYSTALLINE: The round housing of the model of “Crystalline”, which measures 40 mm in diameter, with a Pavéverzierung of no less than 800 fine crystals sparkles, in addition the Swan logo. These three models are available from March 2012. The noble “Crystalline Red” is available worldwide from September: with red dial and strap it is elegant on the Christmas season.

LOVELY CRYSTALS: This completely new line of Swarovski bears the name “Lovely Crystals” and is available from mid-2012. The launch of five cheerful feminine wristwatch at WatchTutorials is devoted to the color. In the 35-mm package of each model 16 shimmer Swarovski zirconia. Depending on the model, the calf leather strap in white, black, or magenta with a buckle in stainless steel is available.

ELIS LADY & ELIS MINI: since the “Elis mini” 2009 was presented for the first time, she evolved in a very short time became a bestseller, the “Elis Lady” and “Elis Bangle” lines complement. 2012 this successful design will be expanded with two new, colored Crystal Mesh versions: the “Elis mini silk Diamond Touch Light” and the “Elis Lady Provence Lavender Diamond touch light”. The “Elis” took its inspiration from the jewellery and accessories collections from Swarovski and offers dazzling Crystal Mesh bracelets in gold or lavender.

PIAZZA: “Piazza” line is 2012 expanded with two new models. Once more there are Rosé gold details, “Piazza Rose Gold” make an eye-catcher. The unique material of Swarovski Crystal Mesh Bracelet and indispensable element of this line, appears this year in clear Crystal, or in “Piazza Jet Hematite” in Jet Hematite crystal. Shiny stainless steel accents complement the line.

ELIS BANGLE MINI: the “Elis” model by 2009, from the very first Swarovski Watch collection at all, inspired the designers of “Elis Bangle mini” to a glamorous bracelet in a totally new color scheme: Silk Diamond Touch Light. The embossed bracelet in Crystal Mesh with 744 mini crystals in satin-like silk Diamond Touch Light effect nestles on the wrist.

D: LIGHT – SWAROVSKI’S AVANT TIME No.. 1 BY ERIC GIROUD: 2010 was the model with the red dot award for the best design of the year. 2011 continues this successful line – the “D: light” appears in three versions. Well, watches fans have Yes lots of choice…