The Personalized T-Shirts that All Late Wearers Should Wear

By now everyone knows that you’re a chronic late, so your apologies have lost all credibility. When you write “I’m leaving” you’re actually still choosing the shirt to wear? In this article we will reveal a secret to save you time and get to your next appointment with a 5 minute delay time. Do not you believe it? With your own custom t-shirt you will already know which t-shirt to wear whenever you’re late.

Punctuality is not your strength? Or do you know someone who is perpetually late? Find out on how to customize the t-shirt for late-decker!

5 Types Of People Who Should Wear The T-Shirt For Late Retirees

This category of people is among the most detest; Probably the only ones who are positioned before them are the paccari, who with their dismissals at last know how to be hated. Each of us has a delayed friend, unless he is, so the practice of late is well-known and very often indispone. On the other hand, this type of people also has admirable behavior: they often manage to transform their problem with timing into a true art of delay. Their multi-year experience in this area has led them to practice this practice with class and to make the expectation of others more and more inadvertently and enjoyable. It is for this reason that classification of the various types of delay can be made:

The Retardant Is Prevented

The late retardant is the one who admitted to having a problem with punctuality and is aware that waiting for others is not cute. Every time, therefore, finds a way to make the wait a real pleasure and warns in advance that it might arrive “a bit later” than the timetable. It is no coincidence that he is always the one who chooses the location that, by accident, is a cozy bar or any other place where he has knowledge. His famous phrase is: “IF YOU WANT TO BE FORGOTTEN, order something to drink to my friend barman and ask him to pay attention to it”

The Otherwise Timely

This kind of delay is not a case lost because there is still some hope of saving it. For him, delaying is not a constancy but a common practice and when it happens, the wait is no more than 10 minutes. What is your famous phrase? “I’m coming”!

The Prolonger Delay

The pro-mower is the one who postpones the time of his arrival on a continuous basis and, for this reason, the wait is often overwhelming. Reading your conversations on Whatsapp is a succession of “Arrival in 10 Minutes” “I’m Starting” “I’m Parking” or “I’m Near”. You could trace all his moves, if only 90% of the times are just lies said in order to reassure you.

The Delayed Man By Choice

The defiant by choice, on the other hand, with the lies goes down heavy: there is always a valid and often drastic motivation that is hidden behind any of its delays. Last month it was 20 minutes late because her cat died eighth last week almost half an hour ago because there was a black-out that involved only its neighborhood and the electric gate was not opened and just the other yesterday arrived 10 minutes late because her beloved grandmother, who has a hectic health, had an illness.

The Delayed Desaparecidos

The desaparecidos deserves the honorary medal for the records he has gloriously gained in recent years: 45 minutes late. At least a dozen times friends are about to announce the disappearance to the police but fortunately he always chooses the most timely moments to arrive. It could be the kind of delayed most detest at the end, and every time it is welcomed with great applause.

How To Customize A T-Shirt For Delayed

Are you a latecomer par excellence or do you know someone who could wear this t-shirt? Personalize this t-shirt with any sentence or image on the slogans!

For example, how many times did you hear or say “Arrival in 10 minutes”? Here’s the t-shirt that fits this situation!