Three-Year Contract Between HTC and Google Alphabet for New Nexus

You are making increasingly insistent, the rumors of a possible return of HTC as manufacturers chosen by Google to the next Nexus range, after the rumors surfaced in advance at the beginning of the year | Still no confirmation on the return of HTC Nexus market: codenames T50 and T55.

Despite missing several months from the usual autumn event for the presentation of the new range Nexus, new rumor coming from social networks Weibo, had already startled more than a few passionate taiwnaese brand. According to the message at the end of the article, HTC may have already signed a three-year contract with Google, to complete the next Nexus devices, until 2018.

Despite the rumor is to be taken with caution, given the total lack of details on the agreement that may have been reached or not, a partnership so important would lead for the first time in the history of the Nexus, to choose for three years in a row the same mobile producer.

A move that could be dictated by Google’s intention to help HTC back competitive in the market, given the serious difficulties facing currently, similarly to what happened in the past with LG. A return that we hope can happen really, at least for the Nexus range this year.