Tips for Using Custom T-Shirts: Looks and Tutorials

Customized jerseys turned fever and are one of the most requested trends for 2017. If you want to stay on top of how to use customized t-shirts and how to make your own template, stay connected on tips that we UPPERMAG separated for you.

What Are Custom T-Shirts?

Custom shirts are clothing items that you have in your wardrobe and let different somehow. There are several ways to customize a t-shirt: you can dye to color different from the original, can add precious stones (which included is one of the most widely used forms of customization), can make appliqués, sequins and other accessories or can customize just doing different cuts.

In this article, we have brought you several tips for you to make your own customization. Also separate looks beautiful for you to see how you can use the famous custom t-shirts?

Custom T-Shirts With Pedrarias

The precious stones are high for a while. Since you are back in fashion, not left more to be trend. The blouses with pedrarias give a huge differential.

If you like precious stones, can customize your shirt in several ways. Check out some inspirations:

As you see, there are several possibilities. You can buy the precious stones in seamstress or in houses of costume jewelry, the material can be bought in specialist shops. But, if you prefer, you can buy custom t-shirts ready, which makes it easy for you.

Some stores allow you to choose how you want the customization.

As you saw in the pictures above and you will see in the next, you can customize the collar, sleeves, front, anyway, what counts is your creativity, and of course, common sense.Without doubt the stones look more stylish for your clothes and, therefore, is one of the most widely used customization. To use stones on your shirt, you just choose the right material and make the application. In some cases you can choose for style embroidery, in others the most interesting is the glue. You have to evaluate the tissue and, also, to your fitness.

If you are in doubt, you can search on the internet a few lessons about stones and applications.

Check out some video tutorials that we separate:

Custom T-Shirts With Ribbons

The tapes can be used to customize t-shirts in a variety of ways. You can use keep satin or abuse tapes printed, to give that differential your clothes.

On the back, the twisted details with ribbons may give the differential. How about you try?

But if you want a low-key detail, can also use ribbons to make just some differential and create a look amazing.

If you use Ribbon, you can also add other applications, such as precious stones or even cuts, which we will see later. You can make a blend to make your t-shirt knack!

As you can see in the photo below, the shirt was very mimosa. What was a simple plain t-shirt has become a fashionable dress. You can use this idea and add others.

In the photo below, you can use with any color if you prefer, you can make application of eyelets, which facilitate the passage of the tape, so you can change the color of the tape at any time.

The detail on the back using printed tapes gave all the differential. If you don’t like to leave the skin show, can do without cutting the t-shirt, doing just one app on top of the fabric.

Custom T-Shirts With Cuts

The customization of cuts is one of the most used in the Carnival. In fact, the fever of customization of t-shirts, as you may have already seen, is used extensively in the Carnival season, in which they use Abbots. From there, the idea of taking this to the day to day and today the custom shirts are very requested.

With the cut you have to be a little careful because any mistake can ruin your shirt. So ideally, you train a little before. Take a shirt, you won’t be missed and train.

With the cut you can create amazing drawing. Can do fringes, details on the side, in front and back, which are very beautiful and are used a lot. Check out our photo gallery customization with cuts.

The front court to create a shirt that ties in front is super high. You can combine with the high waist pants jeans are among the trends of 2017.

In the photo below, cuts on the sides (shoulders) and necklines. The shirt was just beautiful. And you can do this with a simple t-shirt.

In the photo above, the cut in bangs and shoulder style. You just use the creativity to create several interesting models.

Custom Shirts With Lace

Have you ever seen income out of fashion? The rent is always reinventing themselves and continue being trend in women’s fashion. Anyway, you can use the income that will be in fashion, just follow what is on the rise.

The shirts customized with lace are beautiful and versatile. You can apply at the neckline, lace on the handle, on the sleeves, on the back and where your creativity let.

There are several possible models. Choose an income of your liking and put his hand in the cookie jar. Here are some templates for you to inspire:

As you’ve seen, it looks pretty nice. And if you prefer, you can use other applications, such as precious stones, ribbons and ties. The cool thing to customize your t-shirt with rent is that you can make color overlays. You can make a simple white t-shirt, dull, be the most beautiful thing with a black lace.

The important thing is you use your creativity to make the customization of your good style.

Other Forms Of Customization

In addition to the stones, and income cuts, you can customize with dye or spray dye, giving a new color for that shirt that you don’t like or that you’re older and you to give a new face to that baby.

Sequins are also interesting appliques for customization. Are cheaper than the precious stones and can also create pieces with great elegance.

Another way to customize is to transfer prints of your favorite band, your preferred series or whatever you want. There are sites that specialize in customization as well.You just choose the color and take the picture you want may have chosen motif t-shirt following threergroup.

To give an “up” on stamping, you can further customise making cuts or appliqués in precious stones.

Tutorials For Customization

Check out some tutorials for you to separate your own customization: