Tips: How to Choose the Right Lingerie for Your Body

According to a study by the American brand Warner, 80% of women do not wear the bra in the correct way. Finding the ideal lingerie is not only an aesthetic question, but also health, since it interferes directly in our posture and circulation.

Want to understand how to combine comfort and sensuality in the search for the ideal lingerie? Follow us!

Important Items to Consider When Buying a Bra

Some points are critical from UsvsukEnglish in the production and purchase of a bra. This particular intimate fashion requires more attention to ergonomics, since it has the function of supporting the breasts.

See our list of essential care:

  • Carefully identify the types of cleavage you have in your wardrobe and make sure you have compatible models of bras.Thus, you will make more assertive purchases;
  • Make sure the bra is properly positioned on the back.Ideally, it should be slightly below the height of the centerline of the breasts;
  • If the handles are always slipping, you may need a model with a smaller circumference;
  • Too tight bras show greasiness and cause great discomfort: Avoid!
  • Fever in the 90’s, the half-cup bras increase the top of the breasts.While the modeling bras lift the silhouette of the breasts in a more subtle way, increasing the volume in the middle. Bulk models provide greater lift.
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Comfort For Those Who Have Large Breasts

Big breasts need more support. Look for models with medium metal rims that lift the bust and do not enlarge the breasts. Hoop-up and unboxed bras can help minimize the volume if this is a nuisance.

Remember to look for models with stronger straps and a wider horizontal strap, which holds the breasts volume.

Valuing The Bust

For those who have the shape of slightly sagging breasts, a model that moderately presses the lower breasts can help to enhance. Look for models with sturdiest straps and push-ups that instantly lift the breasts.

Already, if your breasts are more separated, emphasize the beauty leaving them more united with the help of a bulge concentrated in the side of the cup. Push-up models can also help.

If the asymmetrical sinuses cause discomfort, you can use a removable bulge on the smaller side or remove the filling from the bowl that covers the bulky sinus. If you want to adjust the height of the breasts, adjust the loops until they are level.

For Those Days

During the period of menstruation, women suffer with bumps and pains in the breasts.So, in these days, prefer the seamless bras and rings to rest your breasts. The high-knit panties will well accommodate the swollen abdomen as well as the absorbent.

Hot Pants Model Tightens Waist

This tendency returned in the summer of 2015 and does not intend to leave us so soon, to the delight of those who love to make their waist well marked. You can opt for high-knit cotton knickers for day to day or lace pieces for special occasions.

Basic And Full Of Grace!

Look for basic and functional models for the day to day. The V-neck models fit well at various necklines and go from a busy day in the office to happy hour with friends!

The strapless model in the correct size offers firmness and is not apparent. Dental thong panties are great for tubing use, but will hardly offer prolonged comfort.