Tips to Use Jewelry

Even with all the chatter around accessories, mostly wristbands, there are still lots of guys who do not feel comfortable to wear them, and the motives are many. The insecurity of making mistakes in the combination, putting too much, putting less… At last, a sea of ​​things that could go wrong. But the truth is that to use accessories and like, just start. So, we give you this final push with some inspirations and tips to lose the fear, prejudice, or whatever is holding you back, aside!


Be the same, silver, leather, cloth, gold or any other materials, bracelets have become the number one jewelry in the men’s repertoire. Whether they are in pairs or on the hills on their fists, they look cool, give a touch of style and look great even in suits and social outfits.


Simple but striking, the rings often give a lot of personality to the look even when alone. They can be combined with each other and mixed with more types of accessories, and are perfect for those who like a style that has something to say.


They are very casual and great for giving a touch more on basic and neutral parts such as shirts, jeans shirts, regattas etc. They fit nicely with the street style and can also go from the most discreet with a pendant, or metallized, with several pendants, and even together.

So, what do you think? It’s worth checking out the men’s market accessory templates to complete the collection, and give a hint at the comments if the post gave a light to new combinations!

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