Travel Accessories: Ready for Take Off!

Travel hammock, luggage scale, passport-case… Shop for practical travel gadgets with just one click.

Sure, the personal scale also does it to avoid unpleasant surprises when checking in the luggage. For all travelers who have banished this hostile device from their lives, this electronic suitcase scale (seen at; 14.99 Euro) helps with weight control. Just let the scales of strong man hold and hang the suitcase.

Imagine that you are already looking forward to the whole uncomfortable flight in the wooden class to cure your jet lag in a hammock-to determine when you arrive at the beach that all hammocks are already occupied. Bow to this horror scenario with a hammock of parachute silk (seen at; from 20 euro). It can be folded to pocket-sized, weighs almost nothing and ensures instant holiday happiness. Take three more with you-you will be grateful to them on the spot and snatch them out of your hands at a double price.

Relieve your wallet with an eye-catching passport case like this pretty copy with world map optics (seen at Design3000; 9.50 Euro). It only comes in, which also includes: travel documents, Dot. Includes annoying stuff and hysterical “oh-my-god-I-have-the-ticket-forgotten” seizures-if you assign a single, irrefutable place in your hand baggage to the passport case…

Points are trend, retro also. Both combine these hand luggage-compatible suitcase (seen at; from 9.95 euros) from Hartpappe for small and large children. Available in three different sizes and colour variations (red, light blue, pink).

No, you don’t need a suitcase in neon colors or in a zebra pattern to find your way around the travel baggage belt quickly. A trailer that not everyone has fulfilled the same purpose. is the copy “silver Spots” (seen at; 9 euro)-Adds a little something to every black-grey trolley that is even dull.