Tufi Duek Summer

Sexy and chic, designer Forum Tufi Duek, led by designer Eduardo Pombal, back for the summer 2011 1 collection that was inspiration in the decades of 60 and 90.This mix of eras, resulted in much Futurism and minimalism on the catwalk.Transparent parts, well designed and marked waist silhouette, might be seen in droves in this collection.

As the references are the years 60, it is clear that the geometric shape, used for dresses and blouses with geometric and color juxtaposed strips were not lacking according to Clothingexpress.org. Straight, square and rigid forms–found in box-shaped handbags. Have the years 90, the Tufi Duek brought lean back modeling, perceived in dresses, of various sizes–ranging from supercurto to below the knee, in evasés microsaias, knee breeches and trousers above the ankle.

To achieve the 3d effect and futuristic desired, the brand used many pieces laminated and technological materials like fiber lame laminated, paper fiber with scales and relief. The color chart comes metallized, translucent and also shy and sophisticated, getting by the purple, off-white–That “white aged” which appears to be decades, stored in the back of my closet, and Black Sea. Another inspiration was branded the sensuality. Demonstrated through generous-and unusual-cut on the backs of the dresses that came covered in front, and bold in the back.

The promise collection hit stores day 14/12/10 through a mega event, where the brand will receive, for comment on the new collection, invited selected finger. In addition to offering a parade with newly outputs 2011 summer collection oven, which will by comments from fashion consultant, Leila Loiferman.