Types of Jackets for Summer

Jackets for the summer

I am still waiting for the summer slump. So far, the fluctuation of temperature 15 to 25 degrees and often I’m not sure what to wear in this weather. In the morning it is relatively cool, the afternoon to get almost sweat and evening it is noticeably colder.
For this reason I have the so-called onion look together. The consists of a pair of jeans, lightweight sneakers, a light longsleeve or tunic and a jacket.

So far so good, jeans, sneakers, longsleeve tops and tunics I have some in the closet, but the matching jacket sometimes gives me some headache. That’s why I have now several types of jackets. These differ partly on the thickness and on the other by the look. Every now and then I get my inspiration for Gina Laura.

The Military Jacket
To a long sleeve or even a top I like to wear an army style, mostly vintage jacket, most like me of the section is here to brief the waistband. A nice belt around the jeans are the look for the military jacket, slightly 1950s look.

The Casual Jacket
to other I have light jackets are slightly longer cut and make the translucent, colored look proud. I do wear really like monochrome or brightly colored tops that I to values ​​with colored jackets.

The Chic Variant
to the playful tunics a slightly longer cut black jacket is used. For the simple reason because tunics are usually cut longer and the tops should never protrude below the hem and the top parts are often colorful.

The Maritime Look
the nautical look, which is also one of my favorites, I like to wear a raincoat, the perfectly with the stripes of uppers can be combined.

In the transitional period, of course, which are lightweight jackets still my favorites. This I can quickly and take off at warm temperatures and they are easy to carry or throw the bag. In addition, I can this type jackets carry open and closed if it once but should be a rain shower.

Certainly, as well as ever in a post of mine mentioned “Jackets for men”, the men laugh at my jackets “Tick”. However, I believe that this Tick possess almost all women. After all, the reasons are:onion look and combination ability not to be despised. Certainly many men would be very well served with a transition jacket!

Whoever still welcome to take a light sweater instead of a jacket, which it was granted. I personally go with jackets but immer on the safe side, if the summer weather turns really fast.

Do you also have different jackets in the closet?

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