Van One Classic Cars – the Bulli Collection

in 1948, the first prototype was built of the VW bus or VW transporter. 1950 started the series production of the small transporter of Volkswagen, which we today as T1 or better yet know “Bulli”. Now the sixth generation as T6 on our roads rolls (even we drive the predecessor of T5 in the edition of 25) and the original Bulli has reached cult status. Although he initially served as loads donkey for craftsmen and small business owners, fast also hippies and surfers discovered the vehicle itself. He was then, and still today, an image of freedom and adventure.

Unfortunately quite a lot of money who want to 2016 call an original Bulli in good condition his own, must put on the table. Who wants to still worship the cult of the T1, the label has recently Van One Classic Cars a clothing line around the Bulli. For men, women, and children, there are T-Shirts, tshirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and zip hoodies with cool prints around the Bulli.

Attention puts the team in the collection on the fabric quality. “We want that every piece of clothing in our brand for its carrier or its bearer is a favorite piece. Therefore, our shirts and hoodies are so processed that they are especially soft and comfortable to wear”, as Kai Enseleit. We could convince ourselves, thanks test patterns of the Malibu Beach T-Shirts and the original ride hoodies. Fabrics are soft against the skin, the cut is convenient, and the seams as well as prints are clean. Size L fits perfectly by the way at my slender 1.90. Very chic, I find such small details such as logo embroidery on the cuffs, embroidered Interior label, or an incorporated soft neck band.

The collection is produced by the way in Turkey. “We have decided for this site because the quality control and a personal relationship with our production partners are important to us. We are regularly on the ground, know the production sites and take a look at the working conditions in the Turkish textile. Also we can rely on our partners on certifications and certification according to European standards”, says Thomas Fochler, product manager at Van one classic cars.

Design and quality have convinced also the Bulli parent company VW right off the bat. So all products from Van one classic cars wear “Officially Licensed by Volkswagen” and are sold in the shop of the car city Wolfsburg.

Available is the Bulli collection, in addition to the mentioned VW shop, in over 70 stores throughout Europe, and of course online at our site.