Ways to Wear a Floral Shirt

Flowered shirt:as head, if not this, he is able, together with the white Tshirt, reflect light and summer emotions? The flowered shirt becomes, from May to late September, the protagonist of every day and every night, even the most troubled.

From long-sleeved models in linen to leave the skin the right field, up to short sleeves or sleeveless shirts, t here is king ways to wear this garment enhancing its beauty.

  1. The Hawaiian shirt.Taking away the taste and flavors coming from the US islands, became part of the United States in 1959, here comes the idea for the day: scgliendo a wider modelfor men, it can be worn like a dress, covering the costume before going to the beach or before you make a drink by the pool. In this case, it is necessary the combination of a straw hat or a flowered necklace (although this recall does very Lilo & Stich).
  2. Refined shirt.On one occasion more special or requiring a more elegant clothing, you can match the flowered shirt, maybe with pastel tones, a white pencil skirt, that the latches on the sides and the female silhouette picture making even more charming woman .Mandatory ‘s combination of high heels open to a colorful bag (no exaggeration), able to contain the bare minimum.
  3. Informal shirt.On a day like all the others, covered by the heat of the city, you can wear the flowered shirt open over a light jeans to the ankle and the classic wedges from wrapping that the woman’s ankle, says ruizesolar. In this way, the matching is easily done for a working or informal situation that does not require a commitment and a particular care for the dell’outfit choice.