Wayuu Colombian Bags

They are from Colombia, but was in Ibiza, Mykonos and Saint Tropez which gained the status of it bags. Stripped and colorful, the bags have become darlings of the Wayuu Colombian Eric Dane OK 25 now and were real fever in January in Brazil.

While on Earth Christmas bags bag format are sold for about $40, are disappearing from the shops at prices no comrades. Domestic brands have already made your version, and the Pats come to cost up to 700 R$. On the

internet, sites such as the Wayuu Bag Bags offers options for up to 180 dollars, while the national Style Market offers the trend by R$ 855–but you’ll have to wait to have some models, which are already sold out. There’s even the deluxe version, full of embroidery and signed by designer Adriana Barra and it costs R$ 1,790.

Handmade production

The unusual name of the coloridão accessory has a why: the play takes its name from the Wayuu tribe, located on the peninsula of La Guajira, between Colombia and Venezuela. Now you can understand the ethnic prints they left lots of people drooling, isn’t it?

The bags are handmade with a crochet technique, and can take up to 20 days to get ready. Each model is almost unique, since it is very difficult to reproduce the pattern again.

How to use

On the streets, the outfit has been seen circling with people who loves a novelty, as the singers Katy Perry and Shakira and the top Alessandra Ambrosio. The piece is the face of the summer, and give an up in visuals that had everything to be simple, as the two short jeans and t-shirt. With light dresses, flowing from the beach to the happy hour. For those who like a boho-chic look, it’s worth betting on pieces of knitting and needlepoint.