We Love Glitter and Glamor

It is sparkling, glittering and shimmering in these days really at all corners and ends.Everyone wants to lay down splendid performances now.On the holidays, the change of the year and the start into the new year, everyone would like to radiate, there is no other topic.Finally, the new year is to be welcomed.Schlabberpulli and Pyjamahose are really comfortable, but they should be exchanged often times for a different outfit.The holidays at the end of the year are almost perfect.Now we can really show off and show ourselves from our best sides.Or at least from our most glamorous.Once feel like a star, climb into the noble robe, put on the best jewelery and attract all eyes.And a truly splendid financial statement.With such brilliant prospects the new year can only be good.

1. Festive shine and the very big appearance

What is your favorite jewel?Are you wearing it or is it too precious for you to keep it in a small box?I can understand well, because with such jewelery you really do not want to get even the smallest scratch.You can not think of anything worse.Whether this is really always the good heirloom of grandma, precious diamonds or just the comparatively cheap fashion jewelry (which is but you very much to the heart is grown), be left to you.Main thing, it’s a “bling”, as one says so beautifully.Then the rest of the shine comes almost as if by itself.And most of the time, we also have favorites in colors, jewelery designs and materials.What type are you?Do you love gold, silver, or do you prefer it quite colorful?No matter, we have selected for all 3 types a few beautiful stylings, which will ensure splendid prospects.

2. Golden Girl: Golden jewelry and strong accents

You love elegance and the very big appearance?If you buy jewelry and accessories, then always like the most beautiful and precious precious metal?Then you are a true golden girl!Gold now enjoys a very high reputation, its value continues to grow, and anyone who carries gold proves a classic elegance, but also a distinctive fashion sense.Gold can be combined with all warm colors, but the combination with black or gray ensures the true glamor factor.Black is, like gold, a color classics that has never lost its charm.Gray was ennobled this season and is now traded as “the new black”.Both colors are combined with bright, radiant glitter and gemstones and maximum gloss is guaranteed.

3. Cool silver and metallic luster

Metallic luster is still an absolute trend theme and silver is coming out big.Silver does well on cold winter days, when the light only very lightly and pale the way under the dense cloud cover creates.Very particularly fair-skinned types, with a pretty pale skin and a light hair color underline the delicacy of their type.Even more beautiful is this metallic silvery shimmer only if you bring some color into the play, this can not hurt now in winter, where otherwise all around everything is a little too gray and bland.And who says that gold and silver can not stand together?A small golden accent between all the silver fits well into your styling.And with its warmth, it reminds us that spring is not so far away and waiting for us.

4. Colorful birds of paradise love the variety

Only gold and silver are too boring for you, you always love it a little more colorful.After all, it is just too gray outside and everything is missing in color.But you do not bluff, and you know how to help.You bring color and a lot of shine into the game.Colorful jewelery in earrings and necklaces, colorful brooches on the sweater or the bag and anything at all a little more colorful than with your fellow men according to mathgeneral. These days are made for you, because now you can live out your love for colors and glitter.And do not let that be said twice.This does not necessarily mean that you ignore the classic colors.You only combine it with trendy colors and your favorite colors.With Violett and Bordeaux trumps you now correctly.Both versions have a very noble touch and look not only in fashion, but also spray a very own charm in the range of accessories.Perfect combination partner?Gold in all finishes, with notes like rose gold, of course, better suited to all red tones (from warm pinto red to cooler Bordeaux).But also the cool violet is not opposed to golden accessories, but makes itself really great to silver.Of course always with at least a touch of glitter and shine in the form of sequins, rivets or precious stones.This is self-evident.