What Is the Flashlight for Geocaching?

As explained in my book digital “10 tools of the geocacher that make the difference”, you are looking to replace your flashlight of your phone, some illuminating and fragile by a real flashlight cut for a hobby outdoor such as geocaching? I’ll explain today what are the main criteria that come into consideration and how to make the right choice! In this article I will talk only of flashlights to hand held and not the front!

What criteria to choose your flashlight, in geocaching?

I have prepared a short list of essential functions for a flashlight dedicated to geocaching. You decide which will be useful to your requirements!


  • Sealing to the drops – for geocacher in the rain
  • Adjustable light intensity – to adapt light output to its use (Cache in a street or we must be discreet and therefore do not illuminate the whole neighborhood unlike a cave or need full power)
  • Aluminium body – to last in time and not to fear the shocks

Can be useful:

  • Waterproof immersion – for underwater caches
  • Walking on battery (batteries) – for constant power in time!
  • Width of the adjustable light beam – to adapt its light conditions, the greater the bandwidth, the more the beam will go away. And vice versa.
  • Magnet for setting the lamp on all metal stand – to hang it somewhere and forget about it!

And so, what torch is right for me?

Foremost, there the lumen is the international unit of luminous flux so matches the quantity of light emitted in a while. In sum:more you lumens, more flashlight has a power ‘illuminating’.

I wish a small flashlight to extra to hang on the keychain

This is the help desk, so need you a small, convenient lamp and who will serve you when you need!

I do geocaching at night from time to time in an open environment of vegetation

In this case, not necessarily needing a flashlight of competition, 100 lumens in a beam relatively wide will do very well.

I’m doing night caches where they

In this case, need you a powerful lamp, beyond 300 lumens capable of lighting in the Woods in the dark night. An adjustable beam diameter can also be interesting to illuminate the way which will allow you to anticipate potential problems earlier.

I’m addicted to caving and geocaching underground

In this case, no possible concessions. Need you the best and the most reliable. Light beyond the 600 lumens, adjustable beam width, autonomy at the top (the ideal is to have several batteries) and the more rugged impact resistance!

My selection of lamp torch for what you use

Attention however to the characteristics of the flashlights at Amazon, the number of lumens is very seller so don’t trust, look rather users comments and night shots of these which are a good concrete indicator.

There is a half hundred of models of flashlights on Amazon, it’s a selection I made by taking a few criteria into account as the quality of the comments on the net and the technical characteristics of the different flashlights. This article is here to make you aware of the different features that there on the flashlights and what they are or could be used for a purpose such as geocaching.

Tell me in the comments what lamp you have and what you think, it will allow those seeking one to form an opinion on this or that model