Where to Buy Retro Swimwear

etro swimwear are a top trend for Summer 2016- nothing new under the sun. You’ve probably noticed that retro swimsuits are always in fashion and designers annually create new models inspired by different decades of the 20th century, so if you have in your wardrobe retro bikini in classic style last summer or vintage swimsuit with ruffles in pin-up style from the previous year can safely wear them now. retro wave swept with a vengeance beach fashion. If you are still unsure what new swimsuit you choose, bet on retro style. Guaranteed will be fashionable next year! When I say I do not mean necessarily retro swimsuits from my grandmother’s time. In our selection of hot trends for 1980s high cut swimsuit you will find more than that.

Trend # 1 Swimsuits 50

Retro swimwear in two parts of this decade were the hit of summer. They are distinguished with deep pants, high waist and top with fixed cups. Good to know that such models swimsuit with high waist optically shorten the legs, but they are perfect for women who want to poskriyat belly. Tops resemble their style of bra or bustier, which is ideal for small breasts, because visually increases the bust. You can bet on them if you like bathing with retro patterns, if not – move on.

Trend # 2 Goals Swimsuit Vintage Style

This trend definitely worth the investment, because as they say, with a bullet – two rabbits. On the one hand retro is in vogue on the other goals swimsuits are an absolute hit. We will know retro models mainly in that their lower parts are shallow cut and cover part of the thighs. Most current goals are bathing points, especially those who have breast plate. If you prefer, however, you may choose a more moderate version as all black swimsuit with retro elements and belt at the waist.

Trend # 3 Retro Bikini Vision

If retro swimwear in two parts of the 50 you come in excess of its high waist can create your romantic retro vision of the beach, combining normal swimsuit that you have chosen with big sunglasses in retro style headscarf and compulsory bright lipstick. Depending on the model of bathing can replace typical beach jewelry elegant pearl necklace and a massive bracelet. For more variety on the beach try such an exciting retro bikini vision will be surprised by the result.

Trend # 4 Retro Swimwear with Drapes

This trend is for the ladies who prefer sophisticated swimwear. Draping fabrics create a beautiful pleated effect on swimwear and this makes them look very luxurious, especially models that resemble dresses in the upper parts. Moreover drapery create more volume, which is good for the bust. If fitted waist well, hide some shortcomings in the abdomen. One of the most beautiful models retro swimsuit with drapes and gold ornaments this year showed Aqua de Coco.

Trend # 5 Retro Swimsuit with Curls

Romantic swimsuit with ruffles look very sweet. With zakachlivie their designs are perfect for young girls (or ladies, young in spirit). If haresvate retro bathing suit in pin-up style, do not hesitate to bet on ruff this year. Besides importing fresh touch in the design of swimsuits, these eye-catching details and divert attention away from problem areas. And one of the most interesting models retro swimsuit with curls this summer showed Victoria’s Secret.

Trend # 6 Swimwear with Retro Patterns

If seen from here you do not like any of the trends for retro swimsuits, bet safe – choose a swimsuit with a retro pattern. To keep up with fashion on the beach this summer, you do not necessarily need to wear bras and panties deep. Suffice to choose polka dots, stripes or small shepherd’s plaid. These prints give wonderful retro twist on most models.
Stylish retro swimsuit points and stripes see the collection of Etam. The IMEC showed elegant bathing in shepherd’s plaid bow tie and black and white halves with varzanki and flat woven tops. Beach Bunny presented sexy retro swimsuit stripes and zigzag shapes.
As you can see retro swimwear look very fresh. You will not go wrong if you bet on them. It remains only to choose the trend.

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