Which Swimsuit Color to Choose?

Your favorite color has not changed, but is it really the one that highlights you? Choose your swimsuit color according to your complexion, and how you tan (yes, between the beginning of June and the end of August, you will not have exactly the same color of skin). These tips will give you ideas.

You are all white, and you shoot crayfish in the sun

Prefer pastel colors with flashy colors, too contrasting with your skin color.The retro look will go very well, with pale pink, blue, or gray but in this case choose a kind of jersey a little eccentric, or with froufrous, jewelry, etc.

Since you already have clear skin, the goal is to not seem even clearer: not easy to find the right color. Some colors may be outlawed like white or yellow. Red can go perfectly. Try several colors to determine the shades that stick well to your complexion. The secret can be to choose a liberty print, all soft, all pretty.

You are rather white, but you tan quickly

Light colors or dark colors: everything goes. You go on vacation in the south (so you’ll sunbathe quickly, for sure)? Adopt the swimsuit flashy. In addition, the warm colors are easy to wear and very nice on the slightly tanned skin:yellow, orange, red, chocolate … Rest assured, a blue or green jersey will go very well also.

Rather tanned according to the seasons but never totally white, you are spoiled for choice.As long as there is color!

You are dull or “café au lait”, and you tan well

A white swimsuit will make the greatest effect on InternetSailors.com. But the black highlights the tan well. Black, white, or both, it’s up to you to choose according to your temperament. In any case, it is infinitely sexy. You can also choose hot or well marked colors.

Bronzed to the natural, you are surely the one who can afford everything in the colors of the swimsuit.None is really discouraged.

You are black, with or without tan

The fluo is fine, but also the beige and pearly shades. The light colors stand out very well on your skin color.On dark skins, white highlights the forms and becomes a sparkling color!You can also opt for a multicolored swimsuit.

Your skin is dark, so choose a lighter swimsuit.Colors too close to your skin will not be highlighted.Find a pop bikini, a very colorful one piece swimsuit, or a mismatched tankini for example.

Whatever your ideal swimsuit color, follow the 2012 trends!

Selection of swimwear 2012: of all colors!