Windows Mobile Phone with Wi-Fi

T-Mobile has sharply upgraded its MDA: the new mobile-PDA combo based on Windows provides a full typewriter keyboard and as the first phone on the German market of wireless LAN.

At PDAs, wireless Internet access is one long de rigueur. With the smart phones of MDA III is progressing so alone at the moment.

Thanks to W-LAN support, you are on the road with up to 11 MBit/s on the Internet. And if you have in the Office or at home via an access point, must pull the trigger no cents to T-Mobile this.

Another innovation: A sliding mechanism when the already third MDA releases a QWERTY keyboard. Practically: Who can use professional, not a mobile phone with camera, gets the MDA III without a built-in digicam at T-Mobile. Learn how well the change between GPRS and WiFi works, what is good for the keyboard and what are the weaknesses of the MDA III, on the following pages.

Phone Features: Without Profile (S)

The phone’s features do not belong to the strengths of the MDA III. The smart phone may not offer the comfort of a conventional mobile phone following etaizhou.

Environment profiles or group functions missing in the latest generation of the MDA, speed dialing requires at least three clicks. On the mobile phone keypad can well do without: the virtual buttons on the touch screen you can operate without a PIN with your thumb.

Text messages can be send as SMS, multimedia message, via the email client or the Instant Messenger of MSN. The MDA III in different folders pushes messages received, a common inbox for SMS, MMS and E-Mails would have liked us better.

The Windows Media Player ensures entertainment. It plays MP3 files as well as the films you’ve shot, for example, with the MDA III. The resolution of MPEG-4 movies is 320 x 240 pixels, photos take photos of the MDA with 640 x 480 pixels.

The new features compared to its predecessor MDA II: T-Mobile bought the device in the third generation a Java engine. You must not settle so applications, specially designed for Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition. New is also the built-in voice dialing. And as quad the MDA III in the United States and South America is ready for use.

Data functions
Amazing: T-Mobile freed its smartphones continue to UMTS. Nevertheless, the MDA III faster traffic than any competitor. Via a small icon on the home screen, select the W-LAN module. The MDA III finds no access point, the W-LAN support on request is automatically deactivated after a few minutes. GPRS is used then as usual to the data connection.

For the direct data exchange with other devices, a USB cradle is enclosed. There is also an additional battery to charge space. Unfortunately, the cable is firmly connected with the cradle. You need to drag the cradle with so if you can not on the way Dodge on the integrated infrared or Bluetooth interfaces. Internet Explorer can handle Java script and fairly clearly represents larger websites.

PDA Features: Perfect Windows Integration

You have a real Pocket PC, which is great with Outlook in the MDA III.

The data synchronization through ActiveSync works unrivalled quickly and easily. In addition to contacts and appointments of the MDA III matches reliably also task lists, notes or E-Mails with your computer. Notes can either tap, draw directly on the touch screen, or simply record thanks to voice recorder.

Deep in the context menu
The integration of PDA and mobile phone functions works quite well, could be improved but still. For example, Long hold of the stylus on a contact opens a context menu. There are between the options “Send E-Mail” and “Send SMS” seven menu items, this looks a bit cluttered. You cannot send MMS at all from here.

You can edit Word and Excel documents with the MDA III, PDF files and power point presentations can at least consider themselves. Available 105 MB not rich whom the test device, which can increase the memory with a multimedia or SD card. The functionality of your Smartphone can with SDIO cards is also extended.

Practice: Typewriter Including

Handling and operation of MDA III work as we know it from a Pocket PC. In addition a down retractable QWERTY keyboard for fast text input.

Facts & figures
The integrated keyboard is slightly thicker than its predecessor (22 instead of 20 mm) the MDA III, otherwise the already great device has hardly grown.Weight the newcomer has clearly (214 instead of 188 grams), happily even when the battery test: 4:31 hours long, the highest power unit held out a continuous talk.The large, bright touchscreen Symbian-based smartphones by Nokia, Siemens and Sony Ericsson can compete with.

The somewhat stiff sliding mechanism ensures that the typewriter keyboard is not accidental. The buttons are noticeably separated with plastic knobs. The top row is however slightly too close to the housing. Also, the buttons are not optimally arranged: right above, we would suggest the delete key, is situated where the “P”.Special characters and digits can be reached only as a secondary layout. Typing umlauts, after input of the corresponding vowel on the ‘icon’-button. However, can be pretty reliable and faster than on the touch screen write.

Some skill is however required: as primarily operated by pen, should this disappear above when typing in the device, filed or kept. After all, you can assign the eight function keys on request. So you can reach the most important applications without the sturdy PIN.

The menu is typical Pocket PC: via a Windows icon, you can reach the main features and folders. You can set which functions in this drop-down menu are displayed. Much reminiscent of Windows XP, when questions of detail the extensive and clear design manual provides information. In teeming but unfortunately before spelling mistakes and bumpy formulations.

In the acoustic test, the MDA III can not completely convincing. The sound is still average at the Smartphone itself.The callers sound of MDA users however little present and unnatural. Also it comes here immediately to drop-outs, once both talk at the same time.

Conclusion: Fast, Flexible, Reliable

Bull’s eye: The MDA III is a top Smartphone that can not keep up with the models of Nokia, Siemens and Sony Ericsson only when the cell phone features.

You can on Equipments characteristics How do without environment profiles or group functions and your conversation partners expect a moderate voice quality? Then you get a powerful Smartphone with the currently best in the MDA III PDA functions. The MDA is blind with MS Outlook and Windows XP, you can edit Word and Excel documents on the go.

W-LAN support, a threesome processor for smooth workflow and an unrivalled big display make the ideal Smartphone for Windows users convinced the MDA III. The integrated high-quality device typewriter keyboard is usable in practice, which is big hands Operation but not easily fall.

The scope of delivery is complete, you can also expect that at a cost of 780 euro. The MDA III without cam is not cheaper than the version with VGA camera, by the way.The support E-Mail push services, which would be the MDA III to shame, has announced T-Mobile for the end of the year.