Winter Collection Essie Nail Polish

There’s still a little bit for the winter get officially here in Brazil, but the cold weather is already giving its first signs in many regions of the country. But like in the world of fashion and beauty all is anticipated, it’s been a long time that women are displaying the visual with the trends for this season. Among so many options for getting into fashion, the fashionistas don’t cease to invest in glazes, a fast, easy and cheap to get in the mood. Check out the new collection of enamels for the brand Essie winter:

Inspiration of the brand

Essie is one of the leading international brands of glazes, which officially has just arrived in our country and has, increasingly, winning many fans and devotees of their colors in Brazil. To create your winter collection, the brand was ligadíssima in trends presented in the parades of the largest global brands. The result was a perfect selection, with the best shades of cold season.

Composition of the collection

The new Essie winter collection is behaves for six colors, all well suited to cold weather. The strongest and dark tones predominate in cartouche, but there are also two lighter shades for those who like the nails “clean” – a grey Parka is Perfect and the other Warm & Toasty Turtleneck.

The colors of the new collection are as follows:

Shearling Darling -a shade of dark red with creamy finish;

Mind your Mittens -a shade of dark grey, pulling the Green, creamy finish;

Perfect Parka – a shade of light grey, pulling the blue with slightly Pearly texture;

Sable Collar -a shade of brown with sparkles, resulting in metallic texture;

Toggle to the top – a super intense shade of red with glitter, ensuring the metallic finish;

Warm & Toasty Turtleneck -a shade of lilac with cream finish.

As Essie is a brand imported that arrived recently from official here in Brazil, it is much easier to find your jars of enamel for sale in online stores, but if you live in big cities it is possible to find also in certain physical stores. The suggested retail price for the marketing of glazes from this new collection of Essie is R $33.

Learn more about the brand and its collections at SAC by phone 0800-200-1101 or visit the official website of Essie in our site.