Women’s Fitted Polo Shirts

Elegant polo shirts for every occasion

Polo shirts are sporting T-shirts, fitted with a collar and a button placket. They are manufactured from wholesale ably as the regular T-shirts and usually made of a slightly firmer material. Because of its sporting form, the polo shirts are predominantly worn with sports pants. In addition they are also often worn under sweaters that have a simple neckline. Combine the jeans trousers with a polo shirt for a casual look. The sneakers fit precisely because they are athletic cut. Pumps or strappy sandals would be in the wrong place.

Polo shirts are the perfect shirts for clubs. They are more resistant than normal shirts, so they are especially durable at the sports. They fit both too long and too short sports pants, even to a leggings, because they are straight cut and usually somewhat longer. Do gymnastics with leggings, polo shirts. The polo shirts with leggings have a perfect appearance to complete gymnastics group uniform.

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