Acer Aspire 5755G-2454G50Mtks (LX. RVB02. 034)

Technical details

Works in the acer aspire 5755 G an intel processor. The core i5 2450M has two computing cores with 2.5 ghz clock frequency. The NVIDIA geforce GT 630M is used as a graphics card. The memory is four gigabytes in size. The 15.6-inch display has 1366 x 768 pixels is standard. Reflections on the screen make difficult reading in bad light conditions.


Internet and office programs make the acer no problems, also applications with high storage requirements make no trouble. Directx 10 games, the aspire reached an average ordinary 24 frames per second. Not enough but for graphically complex games: 17 fps for directx 11 games are not enough. Find the test criteria for games in the article COMPUTER determined image game speed.

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Quietly and persistently

Self under full load is the aspire with maximum 1.1 sone amazingly quiet. When working, the battery creates almost three hours, movies make him only after about three and a half hours in the knee. After not even two hours the battery is recharged.

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466 gigabytes of storage are not much other laptops in this price range offer often 700 gigabytes or more. The aspire has windows 7 home premium in the 64-bit version as the operating system installed. DVD burner is a philips drive. One of the three well placed USB sockets works in the fast pace of 3.0. On board include HDMI, VGA, ethernet, wi-fi, a memory card slot, as well as depending on a jack for microphone and headphones bluetooth is missing.

Conclusion: Acer aspire 5755G-2454G50Mtks (LX. RVB02. 034)

The reflective acer aspire 5755G-2454G50Mtks is fast, fairly durable and quiet. The equipment is only the USB 3.0 connector convinced not worth mentioning. Bluetooth is missing, the disk space is less than.


Test conclusion: What you should know

The acer aspire 5755G-2454G50 is fast and quiet even under full load. There are cuts in the facilities: The hard drive contains only 466 gigabytes of data, bluetooth is not fitted. One of the three well placed USB sockets works in the fast pace of 3.0. Order this product at amazon quiet contra pro USB 3.0 connector display not anti-reflective no bluetooth small hard disk test note of the editorial 2.17 well user rating now evaluate alternative: Packard bell easynote TS44HR-166 (LX. BZ302. 002).
Minimally slower, but still more and better equipped: The hard drive is twice as large, adobe photoshop elements 9.0 installed. The display has a higher color fidelity and more contrast.



Acer Aspire 5755G-2454G50Mtks (LX.RVB02.034): Notebook im …

Acer Aspire 5755G-2454G50Mtks (LX.RVB02.034): Notebook im ...