Apple Tablet Steals Amazon E-Reader Market

As of July 2010 Apple had already sold 3.3 million tablets and these numbers continue to grow.For 2011 the goals of the company are even more ambitious: to market 45 million iPads and for this it aims to expand its borders and reach the millionaire Chinese market.

The comparison between the two products is not entirely fair, since they have different functions, but what is at stake is Apple’s advance in the area of ​​digital books.

To contain this breakthrough, Amazon has already announced that it will increase the copyright amount to 70% over the sale of each book in Kindle Stores, a move to match the amounts paid by Apple in its App Store.Not to mention that Kindles readers had their prices halved in just one year.

Other than that, Amazon also plans to gain ground by launching smart phone reading applications as it did recently with the Blackberry .

According to US research firm ChangeWave, Kindle’s share of the e-reader market fell from 68% to 47% between August and November 2010;In the same period, the tablet of Apple rose from 16% to 32%.

Another interesting piece raised in this research concerns the content accessed by the users of the two products: of those who have iPad 51% read newspapers (against 11% of the owners of the Kindle).Magazines: 26% versus 8% and blogs/news feeds:45% versus 3%.Although the Kindle already comes with this kind of integrated content, Apple believes that the one responsible for this difference is on its color screen.

Even as iPad sales grow in the Kindle-dominated market, the trend is for global growth in the e-reader market, which in a way ends up benefiting Amazon’s revenue.