Applemews-New Iphone…

…clandestine Mac Update, Steve Jobs, 3G Macs, WWDC
finally back slightly upwind in the events around the company Apple: After I was able to report only on acquisitions last time, this time are finally products in the foreground. For the first time there are rumors about the appearance of a new iPhone and its specifications, secondly, rumors are still around a potential 3G functionality of upcoming Macs. In addition, Apple has the white MacBook quietly and secretly missed a cure. Last but not least, there is also news about Steve Jobs, which is awarded a good state on the one hand, and on the other he has let himself be seen on the Apple campus. So it’s going up!

Speculation about the new iPhone
Not even a week separates us from the upcoming events of the World Wide Developers Conference, WWDC. And almost all Apple friends, including me, hope for a new iPhone and perhaps even new Macs. And, of course, the new features of the new Apple smartphone will be cheered. Along with the game here are speculations about a compass function, which is to improve the navigational possibilities of the iPhone. According to Apple insider Chinese sources about an update of the rather inferior camera functions of the iPhone. If you believe the images of the Chinese source, you can select a focus area over the display of the device, which is then focused. This should be possible both with a video recording, as well as the photo function. Since this could also be a software issue in principle, it could even be purely theoretical that this function becomes a feature of the new 3.0 software. Unless, Apple actually built a better camera in the new iPhones. By the way: According to various sources, the stock of iPhone 3G is very low. Maybe another proof of a coming, new iPhone.

White MacBook quietly and secretly updated
What was previously done with big announcements, Apple makes almost silent and secret.Without a large Tam-Tam, Apple has given the white MacBook a cure and parts of the hardware components upgraded. In the white MacBooks, Apple now uses Core 2 Duo processors with 2.13 GHz, previously clocked the Intel processor with two gigahertz. Also in terms of storage space, Apple lays out: From now on the plastic MacBooks work hard drives with 160 gigabytes of memory. Apart from these two updates, the white MacBook remains the same: Geforce 9400M and two gigabytes of memory are the standard report of Apple’s entry-level notebook. Oh, what would I give for my white MacBook the nVidia graphics chip to be able to spend …

MacBook Air with 3G compatibility?
And they take no end to the rumors about UMTS features in new Macs. This time it caught the MacBook Air, which is supposed to be equipped with a SIM card from the next generation. This is reported by the colleagues at SiliconRumors , who want to know that Apple is planning a MacBook Air 3G. The new Air will be priced on the previous models.

Steve Jobs on the Apple Campus
Slowly but surely, Mr. Jobs seems to prepare for his return to the Apple top. The Apple boss, according to on the Apple campus was seen. Here a meeting between him and the leading forces of the company from Cupertino took place. If you believe Steve Wozniak , Steve Jobs sounds healthy and will be working as usual in the near future.

What does the WWDC bring?
Next week it is finally time, this year’s WWDC will take place. Then the speculations finally come to an end. There was speculation about a lot, while other things were considered safe.For the first time there will probably be more information about the new iPhone software 3.0.Secondly, we will certainly get some more details about Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard”. And the rest is and remains speculation. Even if the first advertising banners, on which stands”One Year Later, Light-Years Ahead” , journalists around the world are still in the dark. A new iPhone? New Macs? In less than a week we are hopefully smarter…