Aransas County, Texas

According to, Aransas County, Texas is located on the Gulf Coast of the state, and is bordered by San Patricio County to the north, Refugio County to the west, Calhoun County to the south, and Nueces County to the east. The county seat is Rockport and its largest city is Aransas Pass. The population of Aransas County was 23,159 as of 2019.

The county has a total area of 882 square miles, of which 572 square miles is land and 310 square miles is water. The terrain in Aransas County consists mainly of flat coastal plains with some rolling hills in the western part. There are several small creeks and rivers throughout the county like Copano Bayou, Estes Flats Creek, Goose Island State Park Creek, Live Oak Creek and Lamar Lake.

The climate in Aransas County is generally warm with an average temperature ranging between 60°F (15C) and 80°F (26.6°C). The average annual precipitation is about 39 inches, with the majority of it occurring in the spring and summer months.

Aransas County is home to several protected areas, including Goose Island State Park, Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, Aransas Pass National Estuarine Research Reserve, and Copano Bay State Fishing Pier. There are also many recreational activities available in the county such as fishing, boating, bird watching and hiking.

The economy of Aransas County is mainly based on tourism, fishing and agriculture with some small manufacturing businesses. Major employers include seafood processing plants, boat builders and marinas. There are also several small retail stores that sell souvenirs from the local area as well as other products.

Aransas County offers visitors a unique combination of natural beauty, recreational activities and a vibrant economy that make it an ideal place to live or visit in Texas. It’s a great place to enjoy the outdoors while also having access to all the amenities of modern life.

History of Aransas County, Texas

The history of Aransas County, Texas dates back to 1519 when Spanish explorer Alonso Alvarez de Pineda first sailed through the area. In 1747, Spanish authorities established a presidio at San Antonio Bay and granted land to settlers in the Aransas area. Over the next 40 years, settlers from Mexico and other parts of Europe began to move into the county. The area was known as Refugio County until 1871 when it was renamed Aransas County in honor of the Aranosa Indians who had lived in the region for thousands of years.

In 1846, Texas joined the United States as a state and during this time, many immigrants from Germany and other parts of Europe settled in Aransas County. This led to an increase in population and agricultural development. The county also became known for its fishing industry with shrimp being one of its main exports.

In 1875, Rockport was founded as a port town on Copano Bay and served as an important center for shipping goods throughout Texas and beyond. The city quickly grew into a bustling port community with hotels, businesses, churches, stores, saloons and other establishments catering to both locals and tourists alike.

During World War II, Aransas County saw an influx of military personnel stationed at nearby bases on Mustang Island and Corpus Christi Naval Air Station. After the war ended many veterans chose to stay in the area leading to increased population growth during this period.

Today, Aransas County is still home to many descendants of its original settlers along with newcomers who are attracted by its natural beauty and thriving economy. With world-class fishing opportunities, numerous parks and recreational activities available year-round it is no wonder why tourism is such an important part of life here.

Major cities and towns in Aransas County, Texas

Aransas County, Texas is home to several major cities and towns. The county seat is Rockport, which was founded in 1875 and serves as the commercial and cultural hub of the region. Rockport is located on Copano Bay, which provides access to some of the best fishing spots in the area. This charming coastal town features historical buildings, art galleries, restaurants and shopping as well as a variety of outdoor activities such as kayaking, sailing and bird watching.

Another popular city in Aransas County is Aransas Pass. Founded in 1874 as a port community on Aransas Bay, this city has grown into an important center for shipping goods throughout Texas and beyond. It is known for its seafood industry with shrimp being one of its main exports. Aransas Pass also offers plenty of recreational activities such as golfing, fishing, boating and bird watching making it an ideal spot for tourists looking to get away from it all.

Port Aransas is located at the northern tip of Mustang Island along the Gulf Coast and it serves as the gateway to Padre Island National Seashore Park. This quaint seaside village features an abundance of outdoor activities such as swimming, surfing, kayaking and fishing along with plenty of restaurants serving up fresh seafood dishes.

Fulton was founded in 1894 by German immigrants who settled here after fleeing religious persecution in their homeland. Today, Fulton continues to be a popular destination for visitors looking to experience traditional German culture with many locals still speaking German dialects today.

Holiday Beach is a small beachfront community located on San Jose Island that offers stunning views of the Gulf Coast along with plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation such as swimming, boating and shell collecting.

Other cities and towns in Aransas County include Austwell-Tivoli, Lamar-Bergheim-McFaddin-Stowell-Gregory Port O’Connor-Seaside Estates-Shirleyville-Woodsboro among others. Each city offers something unique whether it’s history or culture or just plain old fun that makes them worth visiting.

Aransas County, Texas

Airports in Aransas County, Texas

According to countryaah, Aransas County in Texas is home to several airports that offer convenient access for both commercial and private aircraft. The largest airport in the county is Rockport-Fulton International Airport (RKP) located near the city of Rockport. This airport serves as a hub for regional air travel with regular flights to and from major cities such as Houston, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio. The airport features two runways and a terminal building with amenities such as car rental services, restaurants, and shops. There is also a general aviation area for private planes and helicopters.

Another major airport in Aransas County is Aransas Pass Municipal Airport (APA). This small but busy facility is located near the city of Aransas Pass on Mustang Island near Port Aransas. It offers regular service to other regional airports as well as charter flights to nearby popular tourist destinations such as South Padre Island and Port O’Connor. The airport features two runways with instrument landing systems, fuel services, car rentals, restaurants, and other amenities.

Other smaller airports in the county include Fulton International Airport (FLT) located near the city of Fulton; Lamar Bergheim Airport (LAM), which serves Lamar-Bergheim-McFaddin-Stowell-Gregory; Austwell Tivoli Airport (ATI), which serves Austwell-Tivoli; Woodsboro Municipal Airport (WOO), which serves Woodsboro; Port O’Connor Municipal Airport (POC), which serves Port O’Connor; Seaside Estates Municipal Airport (SES), which serves Seaside Estates; Shirleyville Municipal Airport (SVY), which serves Shirleyville; and Holiday Beach Municipal Airport (HBA), which serves Holiday Beach.

Each of these airports provides access to nearby towns or cities within Aransas County making them ideal for business or leisure travelers who are looking for an easy way to get around the region without having to rely on public transportation or driving long distances themselves. All of these airports have modern facilities including parking lots, restaurants, car rental services, fuel pumps, flight schools, hangars for aircraft storage, and more making them great places for pilots or passengers alike.