Bargain!! Parka Quiksilver Rochford Only 51.99 Euros

Looking For Cheap Brand Name Parkas? Purchase This Quiksilver Rochford Here.


This jacket Quiksilver Rochford has returned to lower price from the last time that we publish it. Now it is only 51.99 euros. It has a 60% discount!

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Within not much the nights going to start being more cold and safe that you will need a jacket. A good example is this parka Quiksilver Rochford we just find us at the official store of the brand on eBay for only 64.98 euros free shipping.

This parka for man according to eBay is Brown, but if we trust the photos, it appears to have a green color. The truth is that it has a military design with up to 4 pockets on the front. The closure is zipper and flap with hooks. Its composition is 100% cotton and includes a print lining, which is the same as the hood. You can bring this kept in the neck, or loose.

If you have questions with the size you choose, you can consult the Guide of sizes of Quiksilver.

This parka has a recommended retail price of 129.95 euros, so you’d be buying it at half price. You’ll find it too in 44BoardShop reduced to 116.99 EUR, and inPlanetSport you’ll see that it is ranked price with eBay, but the addition of shipping costs while staying at 68.98 euros, so eBay is the cheapest site where you can buy it.

Remember also that you have the possibility to pay with PayPal, which allows you to perform up to 12 free returns per year thanks to their buyer protection program. So don’t be afraid to make mistakes with carving or that you have not just convince when you receive them, since if you use this payment method you will be able to return them free.