Bluetooth Headsets: Children Helmets To Hifi Headphones

Bluetooth technology allows to remove the constraint of the son, so it is perfect for the nomadic headphones. This technological upheaval accompanied the arrival of new Bluetooth headsets that are dedicated to each type of use.

Bluetooth Audio Headsets For Children

According to themotorcyclers, the choice of a good headphones for children is essential, because it is above all to preserve hearing. So, we’ll be vigilant about the noise returned, with the need to limit it. Generally helmets for children only will emit no more that 85 dB in noise level, a great way to protect children. However, the choice is greater on the side of the wired headsets for toddlers, to the image of SpongeBob,Spiderman or Hello Kittyhelmets. In another type, there are anti-noise headsetsfor children, to protect them during noisy demonstrations (concert, game, etc.).

Helmets For Teenagers

For a teenager, most in the choice of headphones is in style! A Bluetooth headset eliminates the wire, which already gives a certain allure.Ideally, a foldable helmet fits a teenager, because it stores easily in a backpack or Pocket.Examples: theOxygen Audio Sound, the Rhapsody or the Manhattan MIC BT03BK. As for a child, a model preserving hearing is preferred.

Helmets Tendency

Trend Bluetooth headsets, this isn’t just a passing fad! The trend is sustainable for a few years, we proudly displays an audio helmet who abandons even the dark to bright colors. Of Beats Studio headphones with headphone Parrot Zikdesigned by Starck, moves in music, taking care of her look. We can also fall for a helmet camouflaged in a bonnet Archos knitted, who plays the discretion for more security.

Bluetooth Headphones For Audiophiles

Now the Bluetooth also becomes available on the helmets designed for the most demanding audiophiles. We can thus afford a Bluetooth headset designed by Bowers & Wilkins, a revolution for this specialist of the high fidelity. Other references like Sennheiser, Harman Kardon, but also B & O offer helmets which combine both style, high quality and hands-free phone!