What is CEO?

What is CEO

CEO stands for Chief Executive Officer. This title is usually used to designate the sole CEO of a company. The description “managing director” is also widespread. However, this is problematic. According to abbreviationfinder, the term CEO comes from the Anglo-Saxon…
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What is FIBA?


Pan American Basketball Confederation (or FIBA Americas according to is a non-profit organization that represents the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), in the American Continent, with jurisdiction from Canada to Argentina. It was created in accordance with the provisions of Article…
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What is B2C?

What is B2C

B2C, not to be confused with B2B, stands for “Business-to-Consumer” according to abbreviationfinder. This term is pronounced: “B to C”. In the business world we hear these two terms more often, both of which have something to do with business…
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