What is Home?


Domicile comes from the Latin domicilĭum which, in turn, has its origin in the term domus (“house”). The concept is used to name the permanent and fixed home of a person. For example: “I’m going to order a taxi to…
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What is Diocese?


A word from Byzantine Greek (dioíkēsis) passed into late Latin (dioecēsis) before reaching our language as diocese. This is the name given to the territory over which a bishop has jurisdiction. It should be remembered that a bishop is an…
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What is Slide?


A slide is a photograph that is created on a transparent material. This is a positive print, presenting true colors, developed using a photochemical process. The traditional slides were obtained from the cutout of the frames of a film. These…
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What is Designation?


Designation, from the Latin designatĭo, is the action and effect of designating. This verb refers to point out or allocate someone or something for an end, to indicate or to name. For example: “The appointment of the coach will take…
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What is Embezzlement?


Embezzlement is the act and result of embezzling. This verb, coming from the Italian word defalcare, alludes to appropriating funds that had to be guarded or managed. Action can also refer to taking away someone’s trust or favor. Embezzlement occurs…
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What is Preposterous?


The concept of preposterous, which derives from the verb preposterous, alludes to what is unusual, crazy or absurd. The term can refer to an expression, a situation, an action or a project, to name a few possibilities. Based on the…
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What is Dengue?


Dengue is the name of a contagious and epidemic -type disease that is caused by a virus transmitted by Aedes aegypti or Aedes albopictus mosquitoes, which have their habitat in accumulations of water. Dengue symptoms include fever, pain in the…
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What is String?


String is a term that comes from the Latin chorda, although its most distant etymological origin is found in the Greek language. The concept is usually used to name the product formed by the union of various threads that is…
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