Graduate Definitions

What is Architecture?

Architecture is called the art of devising, designing and constructing buildings and structures where they can develop human activities, and, in turn, are functional, durable and aesthetically valuable. The word, as such, comes from the Latin architectūra. In this sense, architecture is a discipline that…
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What is Arrogant?

Arrogant is a person who lacks humility, or who feels or thinks himself superior to others is called. It is an adjective used to express a negative characteristic or a defect in the personality of an individual. The word comes from the Latin arrŏgans, arrogantis. Being arrogant means…
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What is Art Deco?

Art deco is an artistic movement that prevailed in architecture, art, graphic design, interior design and industrial design between 1920 and 1939. My portrait (Self-portrait in the green Bugatti), Tamara Lempicka, 1929 Art deco was characterized by the use of precisely delineated geometric figures…
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