Graduate Definitions

What is Handicraft?

Handicrafts are all the product that is made through traditional or manual techniques, without involving an industrial process. It also refers to everything that indicates craft, craft process and craft tradition. Now, people who work in the craft trade are known as artisans,…
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What is Plastic Arts?

The artistic disciplines of fine arts classified as plastic arts are, basically, painting, sculpture and architecture, but we can also include among them drawing, engraving, ceramics, goldsmithing and wall painting. As plastic arts we call all those forms of artistic expression that manipulate…
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What is Urban Art?

Urban art, also known as street art , is a category that encompasses the set of plastic-cultural manifestations that have public space as a location, and whose production frequently defies legal frameworks. Therefore, it is usually related to subcultures or countercultures of the most…
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