What is Quincke’s Edema?

Quincke's Edema

Quincke’s edema, also known in technical terms as angioedema, usually refers to painful swelling of the skin that occurs suddenly. The face is particularly frequently affected, especially the tongue, throat, eyelids and lips. The swellings usually occur repeatedly and can…
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What are Crush Wounds?

Crush Wounds

Crush wounds can have many “faces” and are unfortunately quite common. They are usually noticeable through pain and bluish-red discoloration and swelling of the skin. Under certain circumstances, however, a bruise can also be open and therefore even bleed and…
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What is Kasabach-Merritt Syndrome?

Kasabach-Merritt Syndrome

Medicine understands the Kasabach-Merritt syndrome as a vascular tumor disease that is associated with a platelet-consuming coagulation disorder and thrombocytopenia. The treatment of the disease has so far been experimental. Interferons and corticosteroids have shown promise in many cases. What is Kasabach-Merritt…
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What is L5 Syndrome?

L5 syndrome is caused by irritation or compression of the L5 nerve root due to various causes. The result is pain, sensory disturbances or paresis. Rapid diagnosis followed by conservative or surgical treatment is essential to avoid worsening of the…
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What is Hypertrophy?


In principle, hypertrophy can occur in all organs of the human body. However, this phenomenon does not always have to be visible externally if internal organs are affected. What is hypertrophy? The causes of hyperplasia are known to be increased…
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