What is DHCP?

What is DHCP

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP as abbreviated by abbreviationfinder) is an application protocol that works according to the service request model to automatically configure Internet Protocol version 4 hosts with network addresses and other configuration parameters. The protocol defines three…
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What is WiBRO?


According to abbreviationfinder, WiBRO is a wireless Internet Broadband technology developed by the Korean Telecommunications Industry. It adapts TDD to duplex (separate transmission and reception), OFDMA for multiple access and 8.75 MHz as channel bandwidth. WiBro was devised to overcome…
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What is MPEG?


Acronym on for Moving Picture Experts Group and pronounced m-peg, MPEG is a group of the ISO and the family of compression standards and file formats of Video Digital developed by the group. It generally produces better quality video than other…
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What is CMYK?


According to, the CMYK model (acronym for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key) is a subtractive Color model used in Color Printing. Characteristics This 32-bit model is based on mixing pigments of the following colors to create more: * C…
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What is Full HD?


Regardless of whether you like to watch Hollywood blockbusters or play an exciting multiplayer role-playing game on the computer: Razor-sharp, high-contrast images ensure a unique experience. Full HD monitors deliver premium quality on the television, smartphone or laptop. Full HD…
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What is FTP?


Based on abbreviationfinder, FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and means translated file transfer protocol. This is an uncomplicated way of exchanging data between different computers or publishing it on the Internet. Which operating system and which connection path is…
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What is API?


API is one of the many three-letter acronyms that you encounter early on as a developer, but which many who do not deal with programming also come into contact with. API stands for Application Programming Interface, on Abbreviationfinder website, approximately…
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What is IT?


In its early days, computers were nothing more than “giant machines” that streamlined logical tasks in research institutions, large companies and government entities. But with technological advancement, these machines have not only become more compact, they have also become more…
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What is DNS?

You certainly know that the internet has a multitude of websites. To access them, you normally enter an address in the corresponding field of your browser, for example,, or But, do you have any idea how the…
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What is HTML?

The acronym HTML that means HyperText Markup Language which is defined on Abbreviationfinder, is based on a markup language to create documents that can be distributed over the Internet. The HTML language can be created and edited with any basic text editor with knowledge of…
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