Clandestine Jewelry: Inspiration, Design and Crafts

Good morning everyone! I hope you are having a beautiful morning. Today we will talk again about ” Brand of the Week ”, but this time I wanted to bring something different, so I’m going to talk about a Chilean brand called ” Clandestino Jewelry ”, a creative brand created by a group of women, Where they have several projects , among them are the projects Naah and Magellan Geography.

These two projects are full of magic, beautiful figures and colors, but the Naah project is about jewelry as described in accessory DIY inspired in the south of Chile , something that I found very interesting, because that way we know a little more about its culture And that is the main reason why I wanted to do this post.

A little more about ” Clandestine Jewels”:

Clandestino Jewels is a brand that seeks through inspiration, design and craftsmanship, testimonial collections that bring a personal feeling to the person who wears it, making it a completely opposite piece of business excesses today.

In addition, it is a brand created by a group of women very varied, with different themes and passions. This has led them to develop a clan, which shares a concept or personal problem, to transform them into very spontaneous jewelry with various shapes, strokes, colors and materials . At the moment they have faced two large projects as a group, but they are still facing new challenges.


They have many techniques, that is why they explore and study the craft of goldsmithing and the materials provided by the creativity of the design. Their creative processes start from a concept obtained in the investigative process, which will unveil the elements that will later form the construction of each piece.

As they are two projects, I will speak of each one, so that they know well what they are treated and are interested even more than they realize:

Project Naah, jewelry inspired by the south of Chile:

They have named it ” Naah ”, since in the Selk’nam language it means woman, that is why they want to deliver a proposal of jewelry that arises from several elements taken from the body graphic art of that ancestral culture called Selk’nam.They have taken this culture as a way of recognizing, extolling and valuing its existence and legacy, since, most people in Chile did not know that culture.In addition, it is a subject that has taken a lot of strength at the moment.

And I must confess that I am totally in love with this project, not only because its jewelry is beautiful or different, but because it has a meaning and is something that many people look for.

My favorite pieces have been earrings, since the shapes and figures are different from what we see in most collections.

Project “Magallanes Geography”:

This was a project made for the cultural space ” The Gallery Store of Art and Design “.The characteristics of Magellan were his source of inspiration for obtaining shapes and colors to create each piece.The intention of this project is that they invite us to take a piece of Magellan.

The intention is to arrive with their projects of jewelry to exhibition spaces of other countries, in order to be able to publicize their culture and way of working collaboratively among goldsmiths united by the same passion for art.

The materials used are very varied, but the main ones are silver, copper, and complementary techniques such as enamel, resin, etching, glass, Japanese lacquer, among others . All this makes the pieces have a special charm, making you fall in love with each design.

And you, how did you like these projects? As always I expect your comments, opinions and questions on the bottom.I always try to respond as soon as possible.

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