Dukes County, Massachusetts

According to educationvv.com, Dukes County, Massachusetts is situated in the southeastern corner of the state and is home to Martha’s Vineyard, a popular vacation destination for many. The county covers an area of 49.7 square miles and has a population of 16,535 people according to the 2019 US Census estimate. It is the smallest county in Massachusetts by land area and the third smallest by population.

The county seat is Edgartown, a quaint seaside village located on Martha’s Vineyard. The island has been inhabited since pre-colonial times and was an important fishing ground for Native Americans before it became a popular summer resort for wealthy Northeasterners in the 19th century. Today, it is still known as a popular resort destination, with its charming villages and miles of sandy beaches attracting visitors from all around the world.

Other towns in Dukes County include Aquinnah (formerly known as Gay Head), Chilmark, Oak Bluffs, Tisbury, West Tisbury, and Edgartown as well as several unincorporated communities such as Katama Bay and Menemsha Pond. Each one has its own unique character and attractions that make them worth exploring during your visit to Dukes County.

The economy of Dukes County relies heavily on tourism with Martha’s Vineyard being its main attraction. Every year thousands of visitors come to explore its charming villages and beaches or take part in some of the many activities available such as whale watching tours or sailing trips around the island’s many coves and harbors. Agriculture also plays an important role in the local economy with wineries, farms, vineyards, oyster beds, cranberry bogs all contributing to this industry’s success in Dukes County.

The county is served by two airports: Martha’s Vineyard Airport (MVY) which is located on Martha’s Vineyard itself; and New Bedford Regional Airport (EWB) which serves both mainland Massachusetts residents traveling to Martha’s Vineyard as well as tourists coming from other parts of New England or farther away destinations like New York City or Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). There are also regular ferry services between Woods Hole on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard which make it easy for visitors to get around without having to drive or fly into either airport.

No matter how you choose to get here, Dukes County is a great place to visit and explore. Whether it’s enjoying the beach, going on a whale watching tour, or exploring the many historical sites, there is something for everyone in Dukes County. The island also has an abundance of restaurants, shops and galleries that offer a unique shopping experience in addition to all the outdoor activities that make it a great destination for an extended vacation. With its laid-back atmosphere and natural beauty, Dukes County is truly one of the gems of Massachusetts.

History of Dukes County, Massachusetts

Dukes County, located on the island of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, has a long and rich history that goes back to the early 17th century when it was part of the Plymouth Colony. It was first settled by English settlers in 1602 and was known as Great Harbor. In 1671, the Plymouth Colony divided into three counties and Dukes County was one of them. In 1692, Dukes County was annexed to New York but in 1783 it became part of Massachusetts.

Throughout its history, Dukes County has been an important fishing hub for whaling ships and other vessels. The town of Edgartown is known as the “whaling capital of the world” because so many ships were sent out from there during this time. The island also had an important role in trade with foreign countries such as India, China, and Africa.

In 1843, Martha’s Vineyard became a summer retreat for wealthy New Yorkers who built large mansions on the island that still stand today. These families brought with them their own culture which is still evident on the island today such as Victorian-style buildings and architecture.

In 1884, President Grover Cleveland visited Martha’s Vineyard for a summer vacation and this marked an important moment in its history as it established itself as a popular summer destination for wealthy Americans. Since then Martha’s Vineyard has become well known around the world thanks to its stunning beaches and natural beauty which attract thousands of tourists every year from all over the world.

Today, Dukes County continues to be an important tourist destination with its many attractions including beaches, vineyards, restaurants, shops and galleries that offer unique experiences to visitors from all over the world. It is also home to several historic sites such as lighthouses which are reminders of its rich maritime heritage that can still be explored today by visitors who come to experience all that this beautiful Island has to offer.

Major cities and towns in Dukes County, Massachusetts

Dukes County, Massachusetts is home to several cities and towns that make up the beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard. The largest city on the island is Edgartown, which was founded in 1641 and was once a major whaling port. It is known for its historic homes, harbor views and lighthouses. The downtown area has a variety of shops, restaurants, galleries and museums that attract visitors from all over the world.

Oak Bluffs is another popular destination on Martha’s Vineyard. It was once a Methodist campground and is now home to colorful Victorian-style cottages, an amusement park and a bustling harbor area. Oak Bluffs also has many beaches, parks and walking trails that provide great outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy.

Vineyard Haven is located in the center of Martha’s Vineyard and it serves as an important commercial hub for the island with its ferry service to Woods Hole on Cape Cod. It also has many art galleries, boutiques and restaurants that are popular with tourists who come to explore this quaint town.

West Tisbury is known for its rural charm and quiet atmosphere as well as its many vineyards, farms and woodlands that make it perfect for nature lovers who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Chilmark is another rural town located on Martha’s Vineyard with stunning beaches along with hiking trails in the nearby woodlands that attract visitors who want to explore this beautiful area of Massachusetts.

Finally, Aquinnah (formerly known as Gay Head) is located at the western end of Martha’s Vineyard near Cape Cod Bay. It attracts tourists who come to visit its stunning clay cliffs which have been designated as a National Historic Landmark due to their cultural importance for Native Americans in the area. Aquinnah also has a small beach at Lobsterville where visitors can go swimming or fishing during summer months or take part in whale watching tours from October through April each year.

Dukes County offers something special for everyone with its diverse range of cities, towns, beaches and natural attractions making it one of New England’s most popular vacation destinations throughout all four seasons.

Dukes County, Massachusetts

Airports in Dukes County, Massachusetts

According to countryaah, Dukes County, Massachusetts is home to two airports that are conveniently located within the county and provide easy access to the area for those travelling by air. The Martha’s Vineyard Airport (MVY) is located in West Tisbury and is the largest airport in Dukes County. It is a public-use facility operated by the Massachusetts Port Authority and serves as a hub for both domestic and international flights. MVY offers a variety of services including passenger terminal facilities, cargo handling, aircraft maintenance, refueling, flight training and aircraft charter services.

The second airport in Dukes County is the Chilmark Airport (CQX). This private-use facility is owned by the Chilmark Flying Club and serves primarily recreational pilots who fly smaller planes such as ultralights or gliders. CQX also offers flight training courses for both beginners and experienced pilots. It has two runways with one designated for takeoffs and landings while the other is used mainly for taxiing purposes.

Both MVY and CQX are well-equipped airports that provide visitors with easy access to Dukes County from all over the world. There are several airlines that offer direct flights to MVY from major US cities such as New York City, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington DC while CQX provides more limited service to local destinations within Massachusetts or nearby states such as Rhode Island or Connecticut.

In addition to these two airports, there are also several seaplane bases in Dukes County which provide an alternative way of travelling into Martha’s Vineyard from places like Nantucket or Newport RI. These bases offer scenic views of the island’s coastline as well as convenient access to popular attractions such as beaches, lighthouses and hiking trails.

Dukes County has two airports as well as several seaplane bases which make it easy for visitors to get around this beautiful region of New England whether they choose to fly or take a boat ride across its waters.