Every Third German Wants a Smartwatch

Sony had with a teaser in recent days already pointed out that according to a survey, every third smartphone users would like to use a Smart watch. The results of surveys also look similar in Germany, as Bitkom now reports. A funny coincidence, as Sony almost simultaneously presented the Smart Watch 2. Several such devices are expected to Samsung, Apple and Co. later this year, but Sony presented today the third device of this kind from the own house before.

 According to Bitkom, the survey showed that in Germany, every third party would use such a smart watch via Cheeroutdoor.com. According to the survey, 13 per cent of the interviewees are sure to want to use a Smart watch, 49 per cent of respondents are interested and 23 per cent are determined to buy such a device in the future. On average, the respondents would want to spend about 87 euros for a Smart watch, roughly the current street price of the first Smart watch from Sony.

In a representative survey conducted by the high-tech association BITKOM, 31 per cent of Germans expressed their interest in a smart watch, which is linked to the telephone and thus connected to the Internet. 13 percent are already sure to use such a device. Among young people between 14 and 29, almost every second (49 per cent) is interested, around every fourth (23 per cent) is now determined to use a smart watch in the future.

What do you say-is interested in a Smart watch or is such a device itself as an extension for the smart phone redundant?