Fireplace i9n Living Room: Decorating Tips and Templates

Discover how to make your winter home more charming with the installation of a fireplace in the living room.

Winter is coming. Some people love them, some people hate it. Anyway, to enjoy the chilly, anything better than having a fireplace in the living room.

The fireplace is gas or wood-burning electric, has the function of making more welcoming environments. She can’t leave the House more warm and therefore minimizes the discomfort caused by the coldest season of the year.

In addition to being an extremely useful item cooler regions of the country, the fireplace is also able to become more elegant and cozy decoration. You just need to choose the appropriate template for the style of your living room.

How to use a fireplace in the living room?

The House and Party split a few tips so that you can choose the best fireplace for the lounge and incorporate it to House decoration. Check out:

Consider the size of the environment

The first point that must be noted is the size of the environment. You can’t install a wood burning fireplace, huge in a small room of apartment. Look for fit the model to the needs of the project.

For those who live in apartment, worth investing in a gas or electric fireplace.

Cherish the decoration style

A rustic living room, common in villas, combines with a traditional fireplace, i.e. it works on wood. With respect to the finish, it’s worth betting on natural stone, brick, concrete or wood.

Have the room with contemporary style calls for a more modern fireplace, preferably the gas. The finish can be made with marble, granite or glass.

Learn about the new technologies

The wood fireplace is not the only option. Search industry new technologies before the project.

You worry about the safety

Need to worry about security, especially when it comes to a wood or gas fireplace. Hire an expert to do the installation and get the appropriate security systems, regulated by ABNT NBR at 13,103.

Fireplace models

See now the main models of fireplace in living room:

Wood burning fireplace

The wood burning fireplace stands out as the oldest and traditional model. She is very used to heat houses and other environments that value a more rustic atmosphere. The your operation is similar to a grill, after all, the structure is made of brick and an exhaust duct for the air outlet.

Despite having a beautiful aesthetic and imposing, wood fireplace has some drawbacks. It produces a lot of smoke and embers, which can leave the atmosphere of the living room uncomfortable.

To be beautiful and suitable structure of the room, the fireplace to firewood must be planned with great care and by a specialized company.

Gas fireplace

You want to avoid dirt, but without giving up the flames of truth? So the best option is the gas fireplace. This model dispenses with the use of chimney soot and does not have a position to enhance a pretty finish.

Elegant and sophisticated rooms, it is not uncommon to find gas fireplaces decorated with volcanic stones. This idea gives a natural look and right next to the fireplace to firewood.

Electric Fireplace

The electric fireplace, also known as digital or virtual, works as a kind of heater. The only difference is that your screen simulates the flames of a real fireplace, with quality 3D. The temperature can be adjusted with remote control.

There are many ways to decorate the living room with electric fireplace. It can be incorporated into the wall or in a planned mobile. Can also be hung like a painting.

Gorgeous living rooms with fireplaces

And there? You still have questions about how to use a fireplace in the living room? Leave a comment with your question.