Five Tips For Choosing The Right Bra For Your Body Type

When the agenda reveals a special night, you spend hours choosing the model that will use. In everyday life, however, the watch ends up on its side and you barely notice the color of the BRA that uses (let alone his characteristics).

It’s not just the aesthetic damage that arises as a result of this, but there are also risks of back pain and scratches (in the case of who is a supporter of the metal RIMS). With help with fashion consultant Gustavo Sarti and Lingerie Outlet team, here’s how to choose your underwear without regret later.

  1. Back Wide And Small BreastsBeyond the numbers, which measure the back, many brands offer variation in the size of the Cup: the Cup;Cup B and C Cup, according to the size of the breasts themselves. This brings more comfort, for example, for women who have your back wide and small breasts. It is possible to buy a larger number model without break or space in front. The same goes for a woman with the narrow back and breasts.

    2. Metal Rims

    The metal support rings offer a risk: break up the seam, hurting your skin.So, prefer good quality brands that, in addition to finishing, have rounded ends, preventing scratches, holes and even cuts in the skin of the breasts, which is very sensitive.

    3. Reinforced Handles

    Careful with the straps is only for women who have large breasts. Even if it’s not the case, your prefer a sturdier model in time to play sports. This is because during the movement, there is a risk of rupturing the elastic fibers in the region. That would accelerate the sagging of breasts.

    4. Too Tight

    Models with bulges and filling bubbles are best asked to enlarge her breasts. I just don’t want to turbocharge the effect buying a model tighter than your body asks. With that, in addition to experience pain in the back and shoulders, you affect the blood circulation (as with clothes too tight).The oxygen deprivation impairs the skin age early.

    5. Chest Belt

    You barely notice, but she’s the one who gives support to your breasts (the straps keep the BRA in the correct position). So, give preference to more models and reinforced with a strip of fabric wider in this area. So, you might avoid a common mistake: buy a template too tight, thinking that he brings more safety.