ForeFront, the Innovative Helmet of the American Brand Smith Optics

Recognized worldwide thanks to the high quality of its spectacles and sports googles, the American brand Smith Optics is entering the select market of high-level cycling helmets.

Its newest launch, the ForeFront helmet, has just been released and has already garnered design and innovation awards such as the 2014 Red Dot Award and the 2014 IF Product Design Award.

In fact, the ForeFront is a mountain bike helmet that visually strikes the eye, as well as its beautiful design. Its removable visor carries the extra function of directing the air to the top of the glasses or google, avoiding its haze. Its outer shell is internally reinforced with carbon fiber and, at its top, there is a holder for securing action cameras or lighting system.

ForeFront uses a proprietary technology for absorbing impacts called Aerocore which, according to the manufacturer, is capable of absorbing 30% more kinetic energy than its competitors. This technology consists of using a series of hollow tubes made of a special polymer called Koroyd.

Different types of Koroyd tubes are assembled together according to their size, strength and hardness and welded thermally together as in a hive, resulting in an extremely efficient and consistent structure in shock absorption.

Under impact, the tubes are crushed in a controlled manner, thus decelerating the impact energy and reducing the possibility of trauma in the skull region).

A great advantage of the new helmet is that, unlike the expanded polystyrene foam(EPS) used in conventional helmets, the Aerocore system is fully breathable, thanks to its open cell structure. In this way, cool air penetrates the front of the helmet while it expels the warm air from inside the rear, which makes the new ForeFront one of the most thermally efficient helmets ever built.

The new Smith Optics ForeFront helmet weighs 310 grams(size M) and can be found in the US market or through Amazon for prices ranging from 21.94 to 220 dollars. The model is offered in three sizes and 10 color variations.