GReader Updated with Chrome Custom Tabs, Support Multi-View and More Improvements

Since Google Reader went on to better life, those that we are reading today via RSS We are divided. Some who use Feedly, others prefer Word, Inoreader, gReader… The latter has just received its first update since August of last year, It includes several enhancements.

You can already get the version 4.3.0 in gReader Google Play. Innovations include the use of Chrome Custom Tabs, the LG multi-window support, and some minor changes in the interface and options.

At first glance, big difference is not

Probably the first thing you do when you update gReader is to open an article in your feed to see how it works in the Chrome Custom Tabs, but you’ll get a disappointment because preview mode is identical to as it was before. The only Chrome Custom Tabs are used to open the article in question full mode (playing in the Chrome icon in the toolbar).

In addition to the support for the LG multi-view (Note: Samsung’s already supports it), other improvements are focused on sweep a little house After so long without updating. It is the case of the correction of errors, performance improvements and the Elimination of Instapaper Mobilizer.

Finally, the list of changes also mentions one improved interface, with a better glide in the list of elements and other improvements in the window of options and subscription options. However, the changes are fairly subtle because after reviewing all the sections one by one, before and after the update, I’ve only found a couple of differences.

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