Handheld Gimbal: Feiyu – Tech G3 Ultra/G4 for Gopro Hero 3/Hero 4-Test/Comparison/Review

The Feiyu G3 And G4 3-Axis Is In The Field The Handheld Gimbal For Gopro Cameras Currently Unchallenged. The Feiyu G3 Or G4 With A Solid And High Quality Product Of The Masses. On Top Is There Different Control Modes And An Led Status Indicator That Should Be Appropriate To The Needs Of A Professional Movie Maker. Overview Of The Old Mechanical Steadycams With Compensation Weights Offer These Technical Successors With Imu (Lage Sensors) And Brushless Engines Considerable Benefits And Lower Dimensions (What Is A Gimbal?).

The video quality of the GoPro HERO Action camera can be disputed.Some users complain, in particular, of the enormous fish eye effect resulting from the high angle of the lens and associated with strong distortions at the edges of the image. Thus, the GoPro Hero is less suitable for taking pictures, but more so for video recordings on the road. In the field of action cameras, the GoPro HERO is an integral part of the Surfer, Mountainbiker or Multicopter scene. Even on holiday, the GoPro Hero is now an integral part – why not  invest in comparatively inexpensive  GoPro accessories like a handheld gimbal?

The Applications Are Almost Inexhaustible

Fairs (car, motorbike, mountain bike, drift, motorsport…)

Sports (Surfing, Snowboarding, Biking…)

Wedding receptions/events/concerts

Night Lapse recordings/Time Lapse recordings

Commercial projects (advertising films, PR campaigns)

Family memories/holiday memories

Feiyu-Tech G3/G4 Ultra Handheld Gimbal/Steadycam

We have a closer look at the Feiyu-Tech G3 Ultra (handheld gimbal for HERO 3). The Feiyu-Tech G3 contains not only the handheld gimbal itself, but also a charger for three Li-Ion batteries, a USB cable for firmware updates, as well as various instruction leaflets (guarantee) , Instructions).

Transport And Storage Of The Feiyu G3 Handheld Gimbals

The Feiyu G3 handheld gimbal makes a high-quality impression in its individual components. Overall, the most popular of all GoPro-Steadycams is quite susceptible to shocks during transport and storage. In any case, the packaging of the Feiyu gimbal should be lifted so that damage to the sensitive components, such as during transport to the holiday, can be avoided as far as possible.Alternatively, it is worth buying a transport case including foam material, which can be customized according to your needs.

Optional Accessories: Extension Arm And Remote Control

Further Feiyu accessories-such as the  Feiyu-Tech Extension Bar(extension arm )or the Feiyu Gimbal Remote Control helicopter(remote control)-can be purchased as an option. The Extension Bar is made of high-quality carbon and allows, for example, self-video and filming from other perspectives.

With the Feiyu Gimbal Remote Control (Attention: not compatible with the G3 model!) With a 1.2 meter long connection cable, the camera can be adjusted to the object (down, up, right, left) and the stabilization system can be switched on or off ,

Feiyu G3 Properly Set Up And Start Up

Calibration and setup is simple and practical. Attention: Before the first switching-on, the camera (GoPro HERO) must already be mounted and attached since the Brushless motors can “adapt” to the weight at the start and without overheating or even damage to the motors ! To attach the camera to the handheld gimbal, just need two screws

The Most Important Features

3-axis gimbal (handheld) with brushless motors

Compatible with GoPro HERO 3 and 3+ (G4 model also compatible with HERO 4)

Various camera modes with setting button

Calibrates automatically after startup

LED indicator for battery status and camera modes

USB port for firmware updates

Accumulators and charger included

Cameramodi Feiyu G3: Following Modes And Lock Mode

Images sometimes show more than words: the graphics help all those who have problems with the understanding of rolling, pitching and heading movements.

The Feiyu G3 has three camera modes, which can be used to adjust and trigger various panes of the camera. Not every handheld gimbal has such camera modes-another plus, which makes the Feiyu-F3 into a pleasant light and makes the handheld gimbal purchaseattractive.

  1. Heading Following Mode: In the Heading Following Mode, the camera only follows the right-left movements softly attenuated and delayed.Moving up and down (pitch) or sideways (roll) balances the camera and does not move. Usually the selected default mode. Ideal, for example, to traverse past objects.
  2. Heading and Pitch Following Mode: In the Heading and Pitch Following Mode, the camera follows softly both the movements to the right and left as well as the movements up and down. This is useful if the object to be filmed moves three-dimensionally or you want to install panes up/down.
  3. Locking Mode: In Locking Mode, all camera pan movements (roll, pitch and heading) are disabled. (Also called: All Axis Lock). The camera looks firmly in one direction, no matter how you move or rotate yourself or the gimbal. This is important for particularly quiet shots, in which the image cut remains the same.

All Modes Are Explained Again In The Following Video From Minute 2:25.

In addition, as with most handheld gimbals from the beginner range, the rotation and movement directions are not unlimited. The Feiyu G3 is 300° in the heading and tilt direction, the roll axis is limited to 90°. Overall, the G3 Handheld Gimbal from Feiyu provides with these data sufficient space for video recordings from the hand.

Differences And Similarities  Feiyu G3 Ultra Vs. G4 3-axis gimbal

The direct successor of the Feiyu G3 is the rest of the  Feiyu G4 3-axis Gimbal. The new variant differs only marginally from the predecessor. Thus, instead of the three camera modes, two additional modes are implemented (of which a further camera mode).

  1. Inverted Mode: The Inverted Mode enables the op- tation of this floating point in the “upside-down” mode – ie on the head. This is, for example, exciting when you want to take bodies deep recordings, eg on a vehicle. The Gimbal is then in the Heading (Pan) Following Mode 1. In this mode the handheld gimbal can then be used again.
  2. Standby mode: In standby mode, the brushless motors are switched off, but the gimbal itself remains switched on.

Apart from the two additional modes, the maximum values ​​in the heading (pan) and tilt direction are not 300 °, but somewhat better 320°. The roll axis is limited by 100 ° and therefore also offers more free space than the predecessor variant Feiyu G3 Ultra.

Conclusion And Gimbal Recommendation

With the Feiyu G3 Ultra or the newer G4 version, the ambitious Kameramann gets a handheld gimbal tuned to GoPro models, which allows liquid and balanced recordings even without technical know-how and expensive video accessories. Installation and assembly are also understandable for laymen; The scope of delivery includes everything you need. Worthy of note are the powerful Brushless motors and, in particular, the camera modes, which allow creativity more freedom and meet the needs of the user. LED indicators to indicate the battery status are also commendable.

Falsely is often claimed that the G4 variant would be compatible exclusively with the new GoPro HERO 4 and no longer compatible with the older GoPro HERO 3-that is simply wrong! Owners of a GoPro HERO 3 can confidently also access the Feiyu G4, only the G3 Ultra can not be operated with the latest GoPro HERO 4. It is also wrong, however, that the older version can not be operated with the optional LCD display-this is also possible! The most important advantages between the advanced G4 model and the G3 predecessor model are a faster start-up time, a lighter weight, higher maximum values ​​(tilt & roll), a further camera mode (inversion mode) and the fact that the GoPro HERO The Feiyu G4 handheld gimbal can also be operated without battery and powered by the gimbal itself. No matter whether you have a GoPro HERO 3 or a GoPro HERO 4: If you want to invest a little more, you have to go to the  further developed Feiyu G4 handheld gimbal for GoPro cameras.