Happy Birthday, Dearest Pa! & lt 3

Before I tell you a little bit of my weekend, just an explanation of the Kosenamens “PA” – I am a true Queen of the strangest Kosé and nicknames, I miss people, that I particularly like, always nicknames. My sister had many such nicknames, some people got caught in the circle of friends, some of them are exclusively reserved for me. How I came up with the name PA, I can only advise I however strongly suspect that it has to do something with their favorite hairstyle – namely a loose hair knot in the neck -. A PA just – as with a cute Bunny or something! = P

Happy Birthday 3

It so the weekend happened, that my sister whose real name (Yes Maria is) last Saturday celebrated their 22nd birthday. Already weeks in advance I was back and, I should then give you, because really she has nothing to be desired (until 5 days before the birthday then what occurred to her, but that would have been too late me), so all the work on myself stuck so again.

We had agreed already something real big – out months ago – it should not be, because the Wolf and I (actually much more the Wolf) donated already an iPhone you, when your old phone. Really nothing wanted to invade me however, until I discovered in a shop while strolling totally cute bracelets with engraving . Really wanted to fit the design of these bracelets in the window but not to my sister so I at home just threw myself before the laptop, to find a few more appropriate models in the Internet.

Looking, enthusiastically noted that the supporters of the leather bracelet can also double-sided engraving can and just “designed” – if I excited by an idea am, are usually very quickly, especially if the Configurator can be as easy to use as in the glittering shop. The engraving on the front was included in the price (22.50 euros) of the bracelet, for the rear engraving I had to pay €5.00 once more.

The shop not only because of the cute bracelet was sympathetic to me, also the full range of the remaining pieces of jewelry (jewelry and fashion jewelry) can be seen. Also is already a value of 30,00 Euro shipping to Germany, Switzerland and Austria sent, where if it’s honest: is the value of Euro 30,00, the shipping costs 2.50 euros, which also don’t really fall within the weight, or? Nevertheless I still ordered a cheap, nice set of earrings and a necklace, you must yourself something…

Happy Birthday 2

A few days after the order was even the envelope in the mail box, a stone of the heart occurred to me as I had been expecting, with two engravings that lasts longer and I saw me sitting without gift from my sister. Double Happiness had also the engravings were clear, clean and finely executed – is also always such a thing, I find. So I couldn’t let me look – quickly ordered two new Handycases, who had wished my sister then still on the last bead breaker and everything in butter was.

Something stressful it became still, because my sister had to work on Saturday and somehow I had missed me then at the time so the Wolf and I had at home at lightning speed, still an apple pie baking. Transport of the cake was also not quite round, but we installed even salvation the cake at my sister, who was already eagerly waiting for us.

By out of the box, I have unfortunately no nice pictures, my sister is more of the “quick RIP type”, since you get everything just blurred on the memory card banned, but she was pleased not only about the funny box and the Olaf rumblings sheep Cup. Where it rattled namely comic and as she turned around the Cup, rolled out the bracelet. I took it just me because I first wanted to do to her, before she look at the engravings.

Happy Birthday 1

On the front of course her name and the date of birth on the back of my data – that I had fully met in the black was clear after I just hang on me – so had my sister!not only the beautiful engraving liked her very much, but also the overall design with the three-row leather strap and stainless steel carabiner met exactly their taste – robust, stable and yet still female. Let’s not talk of the slightly kitschy engraving, nech?

After the phone was then tucked away in one of the new cases, we went the still warm apple pie on the collar, who has tasted again once absolutely delicious – you don’t get away but absolutely more than one piece, because that is very powerful.

After the bracelet has raised such a joy, I’ve decided to just spin on this idea, because in the glittering shop there are also beautiful name necklaces, where I like to order a a girlfriend for the daughter. I think that certainly well received as a personalised set with its own name at a 10-year, or what do you think? Good idea, or should I leave it better?

My birthday verdict remains in any case:
You must not necessarily a huge chunk spend money to someone to make the right gift. Sometimes it can be also very small and still make a great pleasure, as long as it comes from the heart and the recipient realizes you really thought when the gift-giving has become. And that’s just the value to which it arrives, right?