Htc Smart Watch Is Petra: First Information

As the famous Leaker Upleaks want to have found the upcoming HTC smart watch is work entitled “Petra”. The first wearable from the House of HTC would however be a smart watch gel files information less, but more like a fitness Tracker. Of course it is currently only rumors. Pending an official statement on the part of the developer, Upleaks can not boast too hard evidence for his leak.

HTC Smart Watch: First wearable by HTC

After IFA 2014 a smart watch  at JiBin123 expected from HTC, it was pretty quiet around the device time. Now, finally getting information are known. The most exciting detail is the operating system. So HTC is “Petra” the information of the leakers Upleaks According to not Android wear run, but put on the operating system RTOS developed by HTC. Connect the wearable can be however with Android, as well as with iOS devices. This is a clear sign that “Petra” is rather regarded as fitness gadget, than as a full-fledged smart watch.

HTC Petra: Fitness Tracker instead Smart Watch?

Indicate also the technical specifications. The 1.8-inch top and curved PMOLED display shall resolve with a resolution of 32 x 160 pixels. With on board were of course also GPS and Bluetooth, the weight should be there only 23 grams in a battery life of more than three days. Despite focusing on the tracking with sleep – and sports analysis, “Petra” would of course also some entertainment features such as a music player and a trigger for the Smartphone camera. The housing is waterproof and dust proof to IP57, short-term immersion should be no problem. Appear the unit shall be in the first quarter by 2015, but only in the United States.

Smart Watches: Stiff competition for HTC

The information is currently only rumors. See the full list on the Website of the leakers. Who wants to wait any longer on a smart watch is with the very good LG G watch R find it. The successful Android wear watch with round design and good endurance. Get a first impression in the Video, provides our assessment of the LG watch our Test.  (fvo)