Jewelery Designer Lali Prinz Von Juwelina in the Interview

Extravagant jewelery with sparkling crystals and great details – the jewelery jewelery jewelery jewels immediately fall into place and lend the bearer something special.We met jewelry designer Lali Prinz for you!

Your jewelery label is called “jewelina” – tell us what and who is hidden behind this name?

LALI PRINCE:First of all to my person: I am a native Georgian and have been living in Germany for 20 years.

The jewelry label “Juwelina” was created by me about three years ago.It was very important to me to find a name fitting to my jewelry, which expresses high quality combined with a touch of lightness.

My jewelery is a true one-of-a-kind, which I only make in individual pieces like anklet or in very limited quantities in handwork.The main component of my collection are Swarovski crystals, which fascinate me in their variety and beauty.It is no coincidence, therefore, that I have chosen a manufacturer for the collections used in my collection, which offers very high-quality pieces decorated with Swarovski rhinestones.They are very durable, with a durable 23 carat gold plating or with a rhodium plating.Such close-ups are already proper “jewelery parts”, which I very often combine with precious freshwater pearls.

My collection also includes trendy bracelets of fine nappa leather with pendant and pearls of Swarovski crystals or semi-precious stones, in different combinations with silver or stainless steel.Many of the bracelets can be worn both as a bracelet and as a necklace.

You craft your jewelry in handwork. How did you discover your love for jewelery design?

Lali Prinz:That was no coincidence.Even as a child, I have tried to realize my craft.Sewing, knitting or embroidery were my beloved hobbies as a child and later also in the adult age.For a long time, however, this was only the case, alongside study and work.About five years ago, I discovered the beading art for me, the art in elaborate handwork with Swarovski crystals and precious stones with the help of Japanese and Bohemian glass and metal beads to create truly imaginative pieces of jewelry.Since then, this art has been a great passion for me and an opportunity to make my own ideas as a jewelery designer.

They offer a wide selection of great jewelry pieces. How would you describe the style of your jewelery yourself?

Lali Prinz:I would describe my style as feminine, romantic, elegant.For me it is very important that the jewelry does not look “overloaded”.I especially pay attention to the fact that in a piece of jewelery color and style harmonize.My target group are women who love to emphasize their own style and individuality with extraordinary jewelery.

How are the ideas for your designs created and how is the jewelry made?

The ideas often come spontaneously:a fascinating Swarovski crystal with a special surface treatment with a beautiful color combination or a unique clasp which is already a jewel.Otherwise, of course, a beautiful picture, photo or great piece of clothing can also be the source of my inspiration.I think that one does not consciously seek such inspirations, but the ideas arise spontaneously, from the moment.

They use very high quality materials such as Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls or precious stones. Do you want to try other materials in the future?

Lali Prinz:The quality of the components I use for jewelry production is guaranteed by manufacturers and suppliers recognized in Germany and I would like to continue to maintain my high quality standards.

The combinations of leather and metal with Swarovski crystals, pearls and semi-precious stones I would like to continue to use and extend eg my “wide leather bracelets collection with Swarovski crystals”.

And one last question: What is the value of jewelry for you personally?

Lali Prinz:For me, the production of jewelery is a very satisfying passion of the very first rank.It is great fun for me to see how a piece of jewelery comes from a spontaneous idea.

Thank you very much Mrs. Prinz for the interesting interview. We are looking forward to your new creations!