Jewelry Designer Birgit Okulla in the Interview

Birgit Okulla stands for very special jewelery with a lot of personality and creativity – we have made jewelry designer Birgit Okulla for you to an interview.

Immediately after graduating from high school, you started an apprenticeship as a goldsmith and afterwards studied in jewelery design – when and how did you discover your passion for jewelery design?

Birgit Okulla:I’ve always had the urge to be creative and handcrafted.Since I came from a photographers family, photography would have been offered.Nevertheless, the passion for the jewelery has gripped me since I was able to look over a goldsmith’s shoulder during a visit to the USA.

My teaching as a goldsmith and the subsequent journeyman years have put the craft passion on a solid foundation, which has completed the study in the creative sense and made it independent.

What makes you so enthusiastic about designing jewelery?

Birgit Okulla:It is a fascinating task to shape thoughts, everyday themes and ideas that become a jewel and a companion.Powerful motifs and structures from nature can underline the personality of the wearer as a piece of jewelery, such as necklace and bracelet.

For example, I have transferred the theme of man’s complexity to the jewelry series “Armadillo”. According to, however, the piece of jewelery should not be overloaded with meaning, but should also simply be inspired by its light play, the material or the surface…

It always fascinates me again and again, to use different materials and the variety of the technique in design and in this way to create jewelery with special features!If it is possible to crystallize the essentials and create unique pieces, then this is great.

Now you are a freelancing designer and you have your own jewelry label – since when is the label “Birgit Okulla Schmuck”?

Birgit Okulla:I started designing, producing and distributing my own jewelery collection in 2007, after working as a chief designer and product manager at various companies.

Since 2013 I have made my dream come true with my own studio in the middle of the Nicolai district of Unna.

Your jewelery is very unusual: from flacon jewelery to extraordinary structures – how would you describe the style of your jewelery?

Birgit Okulla:It is a self-assured, individual jewelery that is also looking for self-assured carriers.The facet richness and the complexity of the human personality just mentioned make it possible for me to take advantage of a wide range of interesting and interesting jewelry themes with a wide range of forms and materials.The clear design is characteristic of all my designs and works.

Your bottle rings are particularly interesting. What is the idea behind this design?

Birgit Okulla:My theme is here:”Vessels on the body” and “Jewelry with contents”.Since the flacon pieces are individually fillable, the wearer becomes the co-designer.The contents and closure are variable and allow to create different pieces of jewelry – filled with sand from the holidays, for example – or gold, silver or very small precious stones …

Your jewelry is very expressive. Where do you get your ideas from, or where to get inspired?

Birgit Okulla:The source of inspiration is nature, themes of everyday life, or feelings.Thought shards and experiences arouse the ideas and create structures and forms.Also unusual materials such as jewelery,Eg glass, porcelain or lacquer throwing my ideas engine … everything wants to be jewelery…

How is a jewelry made? Which way does it have to go from the idea to the finished product?

Birgit Okulla:The way a piece of jewelry is made is often very different.Once I reach for structures, which are transferred into the noble metal via the impression, alienation and modeling by wax in the casting process.Or I have a material like the glass, which by its very nature calls for its shape – here I am working with a glass artist who, according to my designs and measurements, shapes the glass bodies accordingly.I then loop them over and attach them with a lock.

The “Crystals” are produced from ruby ​​and spinel syntheses, which, fixed on the silver ring, preserve their facets in my gemstone grinding.

A lot goes beyond the idea sketch, over countless models and technical experiments.

What is common to all jewelery is that they are handmade – bulk goods are not in my place…

Do you remember your first piece of jewelry you have made yourself?

Birgit Okulla:One of my first jewelery was a large, extravagant silver ring with Niello inlaid – I still have it and honor it.He was born in a workshop in the vocational school 1989.

Is there an absolute favorite piece from your previous designs?

Birgit Okulla:All the jewelery that is created for my collection is growing out of my thoughts and feelings – difficult to choose a favorite piece.

They are all very important to me and I also love the difference, just as I have different moods …

What have you planned for the future of “Birgit Okulla Schmuck”? What do you really want to try out with regard to jewelery design?

Birgit Okulla:For the theme “Crystals” are just a few wonderfully puristic rings in different widths, individually and also in the combination wearable!

Furthermore, I am always discovering new materials for myself and my customers and turning them into unique jewelery.

Of course, I would like to continue to support many women in the future by underscoring their own personality by means of jewelery from my collections – I personally consult, true to my maxim: “jewelry makes happy!”

A very nice conclusion! We thank you for the great interview and are looking forward to your next individual jewelery!