Jewelry: Metals and Gems, How to Buy, Value, Purity

Gems-Metals And Gems, How To Buy, Value, Purity

Much coveted by women and some men too, the jewels are the faiscarem eyes of glamour for your beauty, symbol of power, status and luxury.

The junction of precious metals with gems are a surefire double of much beauty, splendor and value that does not stop growing and value, making it one of the best financial investments.

Many acquire jewels because they like to use or acquire a well so beautiful and permanent, others to invest your money or negotiate.

When buying jewelry, precious stones or metals is required some care to avoid damage. The jewels are part of a lucrative market and should be evaluated before any negotiations.

The jewels do not devalue, what can happen is to buy it in situations of overvaluation, with above-market value, without evaluation criterion, and may cause injury to those who acquire in order to invest. See below for important tips when buying jewelry.

Tips When Shopping For Jewelry

require the international certificate of quality with gold or metal qualification of composition;

check the value of the stone, which is defined by the purity, more or less color, availability, weight and stoning.

view purity of gold or diamond;

quality mark, which shows reliability and quality assurance.

How Is The Value Of The Jewelry:

Gold and silver are evaluated by the market exchange rate, regardless of the brand. Today gold is valued at R $90 the grass.

The colour of the stone represents a higher value or not. Ruby, Emerald with stronger colors and alive is more valuable. The opal, the more iridescent color more expensive the piece.

The pure gold is 24-karat gold is classified as being less rigid and less breaking.

The 18-carat gold represents 75% of the precious metal and is more marketed in Brazil, considered cultural preference.

The gems most coveted are Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, and tourmaline Paraiba, which associated with precious metals embellish rings, bracelets, chains, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, rings, anyway, a plethora of products made with metals and precious stones beautiful and valuable.

Famous jewelry brands are synonymous with quality and beauty are the hallmarks Bulgary and h. Stern.

See where to find famous Jewelers and jewelry you’re looking for in the shops of Tiffany jewelry, Johara, Monte-Carlo, Vivara and others.

In Sao Paulo, we found a jewelry market with more affordable price near the Cathedral, in the immediate vicinity. Are streets with large trade in gems and semi popular price jewelry.

Before making your purchase check the quality of the jewels with the certificate of guarantee and quality.


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