Mini Antenna Congratulations + Open

This model of mini satellite is identical to the previously presented, but also brings a “dish” collapsible system where guarantees together reception channels open systems of the region. This advantage is very great, because some carriers don’t open in their plans a few open channels or so local transmissions can radiate football games or other programs that are regional and national broadcasts of different satellite.

Also not always can get the sign deal or no deal, as in regions near the Equator or on slopes of high mountains that “cover” the satellite.

(below the mini dish features that also apply to this template.)

The mini satellite dish Winegard is the best solution to open the channels “sky type” of motor homes wherever you are. All with the same convenience of conventional open signal wivegars antenna that reconciles the crank for raising and antenna direction without leaving the vehicle.

Generally the operators don’t make plans or installation in RV’s, due to the fact that it’s unusual and each region have a kind of politics of channel plans. According to, so the campers tend to perform the signing and installing in their homes and then taking the decoder for the trailer for use in other locations. It also takes the advantage of being able to use the system at home when you’re not traveling and travel when at home would be idle. There are those who already have other antenna (this) in the motor home and another decofificador in the vehicle, carrying only the card “smartcard” subscription access making it more practical.

We don’t know say if this practice is legal within the policies of the operators and not according to the rights of the consumer, so every camper should consult their providers and judging their behavior under the law. We also know that the antennas of 60 cm in diameter, more conventional, may not work in the North and Northeast where the antennas are 90 cm.

It is important to note that this type of antenna is specific for closed TV signals via satellite, and an adjacent open signs includes antenna UHF, VHF and DIGITAL HD. In addition to the antenna you need to subscribe to the service for channels (fe hados) and owning the decoder with subscriber card connected before the TV.


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