Neptune Pine: Interesting Smart watch Needs Crowd funding Money

After the quite interesting Smart watch Neptune Pine could be pre-ordered shortly last August, there is now a restart of the project with Crowdfunding.

Without crowdfunding, today almost nothing is going on, especially for smaller companies with big goals, but it is difficult to find single major investors. But with Crowdfunding you can reach the people who are interested in such a project, as is the case with the Neptune Pine. A very interesting Smart watch at, which could be pre-ordered already, but now a reboot on kickstarter celebrates. For mass production, a few dollars are needed to be exactly $ 100,000.

But the project is interesting and is well received, which is why more than 30,000 dollars are already collected, although the project still runs for 32 days. Neptune Pine is one of the independent smart watches, a smart phone connection is not necessary, only one microSIM card for the data clock should be over. Also with her 2.4 inch display she dances out of the row, most devices are equipped with far under 2 inch small displays.

For 199 dollars you get a 16 GB model as kickstarter-backer , is delivered already in January 2014. Like a smart phone, it can run full-fledged Android apps, the battery is enough for 120 hours of standby, music can be heard 10 hours or more surfing is possible 7 hours. Modules like GPS, two cameras, Bluetooth 4.0, WLAN, IP67 certification (waterproof), etc. are not missing.