OfferIN Tea Where Says Take The Cane or The Menu Offer in Your Area

Google Play is filled with applications that help us to choose the best plans of all kinds of entertainment. Among them, many which make recommendations of bars or restaurants for your letter, for its quality or price, or even by some promotions. In this a new application that goes very well to a country with as many bars as Spain focuses, OfferIN.

The function of this geolocation-based application is that users are filling the bars and restaurants with promotions you have in your environment so that other people can find them when you are in that area or go to navigate to it.

Find deals, shares which are

The first thing to do after installing OfferIN is to register in your registration in order to access the app. However, at the moment there is no user profile or a personal area in which go keeping the recommendations and deals that are going to rise or that you could find that you like that others have published.

Yes must get from the first moment location, not by hand but by connecting with the GPS signal. It is the essence of this app and it will allow you to determine What are establishments that you have more handy. This is the first form of search, by clicking on the button to select bar, restaurant or Café in a radius of two kilometers away. After click are the results ordered by proximity and, at his side, a circle with a number that indicates how many promotions has active.

There are two alternatives to find deals. You can try to find a business by name or by their particular address Street and number city. The first alternative has not given any results in the tests, but with the second Yes Gets a match more.

Another thing is that they have offers available, because with just a few days of life and few users, time your database is rather empty. When there is some positive appears the comment by the user with a name, price, contents, and if possible, a photo. In addition, there are a button so that other users can disable the offer If you visit it and it is no longer available and the other to share via social networks or communication tools.

Unfinished design

Despite its usefulness and its working fluid, a little care aspect and even pages without layout as well as text with spelling mistakes leave, however, a somewhat unsatisfactory experience.

Only the home page maintains a more careful look, thanks to three large photographs showing the three types of establishments to seek. In the Interior there is a strong predominance of gray as a background for texts and a poor distribution of the spaces.

It is true that it has just released, the idea is good and all so far as the design can be corrected with updates, but if the first visual impression will not be very nice, best larzarlo as open beta and not final version.

On the other hand, the utility currently is very limited, because an application of this type It requires that there is a flow of users using it constantly. Its creators say they hope to make the clients who provide the content but it would be much easier to promocionasen between the hoteliers and they charge up their promotions and offers when they are activated. A function that would be well accompanied by a system of penalty of lack of honesty.

OfferIN can be very useful to not take turns looking for where take a beer or a soft drink in an unknown site. Will enough grow to prove it?


  • Price: Free
  • Developer: OfferIN
  • Download: Google play
  • Android version: 1.6 or higher