Opera Max and His “Boost” Button: Would It Has Past Opera to The Dark Side?

Get ready for the confusion. Max is a relatively popular application to save on your phone bill, reducing the use of data via VPN. You install it, enable it, the phone is connecting to the VPN, and since (almost) all the data pass through its servers, where you get them compressed and therefore save.

It is similar to the data saving find in Chrome options, with the obvious difference that operates Max acts in the entire system and requires a VPN connection. As well, a new and mysterious version of Opera Max He has appeared in Google Play (even if it is limited to certain countries) and introduces what has every indication of being the typical placebo button: a button you must press “occasionally” to save data, and showing you advertising whenever you do.

“Boost”, the word damn

Is becoming more common to find with the curse of the word “Boost” in applications. Magic buttons that you must press to immediately afterwards you report that your system has received an undetermined boost. It is better, faster, less overheated and, now, with higher data saving.

We have seen with sadness as something similar was happening recently to IS File Explorer, It included a horrible call function charging Boost recently that remplazaba your home screen and introduced you advertising in it. Yes, “boost”, here again.

The last to join the fashion is Opera Max, but not in the version of Google Play which we have talked about before, but in a new, that seems to be the same, but not. The classic Max operates is called Opera Max – Data Saving App, while the ” new ” Opera Max – Data Booster. Totally different.

Click the button to spend wonderful things

This alternate version of Opera Max on my mobile, I have me installed by science! Not I have been doing since Google Play because it is blocked in my country, but the APK is available at APK Mirror, if you like to experience.

Just open the application you already start to train on the benefits and advantages of the magic button. The red button in the middle of the screen is very tempting. Everything is red, so something must be wrong. As soon as press you a progress bar it takes your mobile to a whole new level of limitless speed and the screen turns green. What taste.

Press the button to save the world

This first press is basically for you to give permission to create VPN connections. You can skip it, but you have to give permission later when you activate the function.

After pressing the button and finish the wizard, is already activated Opera Max data-saving mode, as it already did in the classic version. All unencrypted data is routed through your VPN, obtaining savings that depends on whether the data were already compressed by themselves or not.

You can see the data that you are using each application, how much data you have saved by using Opera Max and receive notifications when any application is consuming too much data in the background. So far, all normal. Come on, equal to the Max operates already knew.

You give the button

While in the previous Opera Max design you conectabas you to the cloud of Opera and history, the new system was completed is based on buttons. You must click a button to improve the WiFi connection, another to improve the mobile data connection, another to encrypt your Wi-Fi connection.

The only thing making these buttons, as well as make you feel better with you same, is to activate the VPN connection If it was not turned on before. But this does not prevent the graph to simulate an increase in speed, the background turns green and you report that certain applications have been optimized. Optimized for what? The only thing that occurs to me is to close some applications. If they are closed, do not consume data. It has logic, although little.

This is still more confusing when you’re connected via WiFi and click on the button to improve the mobile data connection. The bar course is increased, and it tells you that a number of applications have been optimized. All of this without being not even connected to the network.

In summary, it appears that these buttons are largely pure placebo, a more elaborate form, and that they encourage more click that the old “connect” Opera Max. If you’re not connected, you connect, but otherwise the rest of indicative prompting you to press the button from time to time are nothing more than an attempt that you return to the application, you click and see the advertising that comes after.

I am already connected and saving data, but perhaps should press it again!

Perhaps all a simple misunderstanding or a rather desperate attempt to make users interact more with the application and already pass see some that another ad more, but the truth is that it does not paint too well. Last thing you need Android are more applications and functions that need to be “boosteadas” frequently. Thanks, but not.

Max Opera – Data booster2.0.101

  • Version of Android: from 4.0
  • Developer: Opera
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Tools